What is Repost for Instagram and How It Works?

If you are a regular user of the Instagram, and you have fun commenting photos, choosing attractive filters and looking for interesting accounts to follow, chances are you have missed a standard option on other networks which is sharing images of other users with your own supporters and friends. So now you know repost for Instagram, an application used to repost or regram, equivalent to the share option on Facebook or retweet Twitter. In this article I will tell you how to repost and make the most of Instagram.

Install Repost

You can find this app for free in the Apple AppStore or Google Play typing the word repost. There are several applications, but I recommend Repost for Instagram because it is available for both iOS and Android.

To operate it, you must sign the Log In button, entering your Instagram username and password. From that point, images of all those people you follow on Instagram appear.

How to Repost?

As you will see below, the procedure is really simple. So alone select that image you want to share and click on the button ‘Repost’ if you’ve downloaded a similar application, the button will Regram on counterpart.

It is also possible that the application will offer the ability to share the application in other social networks or edited through different filters and combination picture you share. To complete the process, just press again on the role and Repost you have shared the photo on your account Instagram.

One of the best features is the possibility to Repost with customization of each image or video to your gallery, and remember, you can always delete photos on Instagram.

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Moreover, if you want to win in features, Instagram handles multiple accounts simultaneously or skip ads you have the option to unlock the “Pro” version by payment with your credit card.

Repost for applications similar to Instagram

As I’ve indicated, there are more similar to Instagram Repost applications. Here is a list of the most interesting ones;

Repost Instagram

This app is very similar to the previous one, allowing -or not- include a banner with your logo, indicating to other users that this is a repost. Another feature they share is the abundance of commercials. One difference is that you can download images directly from the feed and interact with other users through the application also see this website Task Ant for using best hashtags ideas.


This application presents differences from the previous ones by the way you repost; to activate a function application that lets you share an image of Instagram when you select “Copy URL” is activated. When you click on this menu, Instagram application Regrann opens automatically and you can share on any social network or application. If you choose Instagram, the application already loaded with image will open. A disadvantage is that the images appear without any logo that indicates you are doing a repost.

As you have seen, the options are many but the purpose is the same. If you like to share with other images that attract you, then I recommend the Repost option for Instagram because it is the one I’ve used more frequently. Try them all, pick your favorite and start sharing your favorite photos. By the way, you can buy Instagram followers too for a quick rise in number of your followers.

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Learn Steps to Cancel & Delete Your Account on Instagram

Not everyone shares the same tastes and interests. Likewise, not all those involved in social networks feel comfortable and at ease using all sites and applications that exist. While some fans express Facebook, others have found Twitter or Google+ to express the ideal medium. In my case, my Instagram account is the place to showcase some of my best photos that have no place in an ordinary album instead. In your case you may have different reasons for wanting to cancel your account at Instagram. Maybe accounts with more social profiles that you can control and update periodically, or you might not have much to tell in photos.

Whatever the reason, the following steps will explain how to close your account on Instagram . Bear in mind that after doing this you will not recover photos you have taken. If you want to keep them, I recommend you first download all your photos from Instagram before deleting your account.

Visit the website of Instagram

To close your account not just delete photos, delete the application on your mobile phone or stop using your account to share images. Nor can you close your account from the same application. To permanently delete, you must first visit the official website of Instagram.

Login to your profile

Now log into your account using your Instagram username and password. In the bottom of your screen, you will see the link “I want to delete my account”.  Click on that link and continue with the next important step.

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Confirm you want to delete your account

Before confirming that you want to close your account, Instagram will ask the reason to stop using this application. This information will be used by the Instagram team to evaluate their service and getting feedback from its users. Depending on what your response, Instagram prompts you to enter some additional comments to learn more about your decision. While Instagram will give you some advice, if your reasons are motivated by a problem that is easily solved.If you are still convinced and want to close your account, click the button ‘Permanently Deactivate my Account’. When you do this, Instagram erase all your data, including photos, comments and Instagram followers you have in this application permanently. You cannot return to retrieve this information nor you’ll be able to reuse your username if you decide to return in the future to use Instagram again.

From that last click you’ve canceled your account on Instagram, then be sure to remove the links you create to this account from other social networks and applications. For example, if you have created a business card online, eliminate the integration between it you have created your account on Instagram. Also clear the username you had in Instagram from other social sites, like your bio on Facebook, your profile on Twitter or your Tumblr pages. By doing this your social presence will not be neglected. And while you will not be on Instagram, your personal and professional image will show that you care to keep yourself updated with what’s happening in your digital life contacts.