Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Plan Review – Is Shaun Hadsall & Dan Long Program Scam?

xtremeefatlosspdfThere is a growing awareness about staying fit and healthy. Most people confuses fat loss with the weight loss and ended up focused on getting thin instead of striving for healthy BMI weight. In order to lose fat weight, there are good exercises, yoga and other meditation programs which are very much ideal for all age groups. Further there are no side effects for such programs. But one should not look either too thin or lose weight excessively, but the main aim should be to practice fat burning diets.

Depending on the age and weight a particular weight loss diet plan has to be chosen and must be followed. This will surely give good results. As per the program diet plan, oil foods, fried foods and fat foods must be avoided for some time, in order to practice fat burning calories. Fat burning programs are really wonderful for those who wish to maintain a perfect physique. While this is very good, it is important for the users to take only fat burning diets in order to lose weight. In this aspect, there are different fitness workouts and fat loss diet plans which yields perfect results and Xtreme Fat Loss Diet by Shaun Hadsall & Dan Long stands out among those.

What is Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Plan?

I first heard about this program while researching around on the Internet for a real diet plan for one of my friend. My friend wanted a diet plan that focuses on what to eat to lose weight i.e. healthy eating. Since he really didn’t know where to start with dieting or exercise so I figured I would help him by looking into something that has some proven track record and backed by its users.

When I found the Shaun Hadsall & Dan Long program on MyFitnessPal, I was a bit skeptical because it claimed to be the fastest way to lose weight. Now that seems to be said a lot with diet plans like this, but I kept researching this diet plan because of something I immediately noticed in the plan. Let’s take a look at the course and you will understand what I meant by that about Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

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Xtreme fat loss diet is a wonderful program designed by fitness experts Shaun Hadsall & Dan Long. The success rate has been proven and now xtreme fat loss diet is winning the confidence of many customers who wish to have a good shape for their body. While enjoying the regular meals of your choice, you can follow this program and that is the actual specialty of it. Before taking up any fat burning diets, it is important to ensure how much fat is to be lost from the body. A complete understanding is required before beginning to practice any weight loss diet program. This way one can always achieve good results and Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Plan is built on this very principal.

Extreme Fat Loss Diet claims to help anyone lose 25 pounds in 25 days. The course’s creators, Shaun Hadsall & Dan Long, claims that it is the fastest & safest weight loss program ever developed. The Program has been divided into several parts. Following are some of its main components.

  • The Diet Manual
  • Training Manual
  • Workout Log Sheets
  • The Success Journal
  • The Supplementation Guide
  • The XFLS Cliffs Notes
  • Pre-program XFLD Quick-start Checklist
  • Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Wall Calendar

Xtreme Fat Loss Plans also covers the following important areas

Cheat days – According to Shaun Hadsall & Dan Long these days are used to purposely stop your diet and offset your body’s natural tendency to limit weight loss. That kind of makes sense. Going back to what he said before about your body limiting weight loss when you eat less, this might counter that effect.
Workouts on the right days – Shaun Hadsall talks a little bit about how working out on certain days can make you lose more weight and build more muscle than other days.
Nutrient timing – They also talks about how “timing” this will put your body in the state you want it in.

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There are other areas which sheds more light on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Plan philosophy and its strategy. I personally think that this course looks good because of how effective the system was created. It is based on changing the way your body burns fat and reworking your diet without having to eat like a rabbit.

I also like the fact that there are “cheat days” where you can go back to eating fattening foods. I initially didn’t think about this until I read about it in his course. Most of the people who have tried dieting knows that it gets really hard eating salads and bland foods all day for months. This program looks different because it lets you cheat, but it does so with purpose.

Shaun Hadsall & Dan Long

The creators, Shaun Hadsall & Dan Long, actually know what they are talking about. Firstly, they are in very good shape. Second, Dan is one of the top physical trainers and Shaun has been voted as AmMerica’s Most Fit Trainer in 2008. And third, Shaun runs his training academy in Michigan whereas DAn clientele includes MLB & NFL players as well as military personnel. So they are actual expert at physical fitness and not just some average Joe.

In their research while developing the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Plan, Shaun Hadsall suggests that you cannot lose weight without creating a massive calorie deficit and you can’t create a calorie deficit without your body think that it is starving, which will eventually limit fat loss. So if you reduce how much you are eating, your body will hold on to fat and limit the amount of weight that you lose. In simple words that means that just eating less will not help anyone lose weight. With this point in mind, he developed the plan that focuses on what to eat rather than what not to eat.

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Pros of Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

  • Lose 25 lbs in 25 days. You can continue the program until you achieve your weight loss goal.
  • No pills or supplements.
  • No side effects
  • 100% natural and organic approach
  • Everything is backed by scientific reasons and theories
  • Cost effective with 100% money back guarantee
  • Instant download and start from tomorrow.

Points to Consider Before Buying Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Plan

  • Available in ebook format only.
  • Need dedication and patience.
  • Have to make changes in your diet.
  • Its not a 24hr or 48hr magic solution for weight loss


Conclusion About Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program

Extreme fat loss diet plan is considered to be one of the best programs to lose fat. It is a good fit for anyone who is tired of starving to lose weight. Shaun Hadsall & Dan Long definitely knows what they are talking about and the program is really solid and proven to work based on my xtreme fat loss diet reviews research. There are no severe hard and fast rules to be followed while taking this plan. But all that one requires is have self-motivation to practice a weight loss diet plan. There are many successful users who have drawn an excellent benefit from Xtreme fat burning diet. Further this program enables you to enjoy your favorite meal once the expected results have been drawn. This is a perfect health plan for fitness and to feel good about yourself. Once you are determined to lose that excess fat, you will surely appreciate the Xtreme fat loss diet and will benefit from it.