Old School New Body Review – Is Steve and Becky Holman Fitness Program Scam?

Fitness training has been overly complicated and different fads and misinformation have added to the confusion. There have been numerous attempts at defining ‘fitness’ over the years. The one I believe in is “the successful adaptation to the stresses of one’s lifestyle”. This means you should be able to pick up and carry your suitcase or cases at the airport, run for a bus, get out of a chair just using the power of your legs and do all the other things that life throws at you without getting exhausted or injured.

Majority of people in their 30’s looks towards yoga when it comes to fitness. Now Yoga and Tai Chi may help you with some other stuff like relaxation etc, it may not do much to build muscles and slows the aging process i.e. your overall fitness. When we talk about fitness training, a lot of people confuses it with body building. In body building, the whole focus is on bulking up and get that typical body builder look whereas in fitness training is focused on resistance training to strengthen the bones, connective tissues and muscles of the body as well as cardiovascular endurance.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the subject of health and fitness, many tend to rely on fad diets and impossible workout routines to achieve the results they want. In most cases, the effects of diets and fitness programs hardly measure up to what was advertised to consumers. As a result, most people become increasingly frustrated and eventually lose interest in working out. In a market where fitness products are rampant, only a few actually deliver the results promised. Among the programs worth looking at today is the Old School New Body Regimen, which was created by Steve and Becky Holman for a wide range of individuals looking to lose weight and maintain a healthier body.

What is Old School New Body System?

oldscholnewbodyThis fitness program is one that is created for the purpose of achieving a full body transformation. It consists of concrete tips and guidelines as to how people can lose weight and keep it off permanently. In addition, it also includes practical tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is necessary in order to reverse the ill effects of premature aging. It aims to help people achieve their body’s full potential by increasing strength and agility at any age.

Old School New Body is a fitness program designed especially for mature men and women (hence the phrase ‘old school’ in the name) who wants to shed excess fat and tone their muscles. Losing weight when you’re older is a different proposition altogether, so you cannot expect to work out the same way you did when you were a teenager. Old School New Body therefore offered a unique approach towards workout plan i.e. specialized exercise & diet regime for the people in their 30’s.

The Old School New Body program is among the most highly regarded fitness plans today. It has received a lot of praises not only from consumers but also from other fitness experts and professionals trainers. Based on numerous online Old School New Body reviews, this program is effective and quite easy to follow compared to most other similar fitness plans on the market today. The program include a unique system called F4x System which basically provide a 360 degree approach towards your overall fitness.

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What is F4X System?

The F4X system that the book proposes was put together with, those in their thirties, in mind. The system is planned to be done in three phases each meant to achieve a different purpose. The different phases are as follows

Phase 1 F4X Lean

The lean phase is about losing the necessary pounds. This phase focuses on strategic weight loss by using specialized workout.

Phase 2 F4X Shape

The shape phase serves to add some more muscles to the body while burning off some more fat. The purpose of this phase is to tone your physique to give it more younger and fuller look.

Phase3 F4X Build

The build phase in F4x system involves some additional tweaks to your workout plan, you can add some more muscles during this phase. It would not make you look like a body builder but you’d definitely look healthier and stronger at the end of this phase.

It is not necessary to spend hours training every day. The F4X system proposes slight variations in movement and nutrition with the F4Xmeal plan added. This helps you in short but effective workout which is a huge benefit in today’s busy life.

Who are Steve and Becky Holman?

steve-becky-holenSteve and Becky Holman are the authors behind Old School New Body. They have been married for 27 years. Steve is the Editor-in-chief of Iron Man, which is among the most trusted health and fitness publications in the world. Over the course of their careers, Steve and Becky have developed numerous programs that helped millions of people achieve their ultimate fitness goal. Under Steve Holman’s belt are 20 published books on health and wellness, many of which are highly regarded in the fitness community and treated by many as their ultimate guide to healthy living. He has also made numerous contributions to other publications on body building and nutrition.

Becky Holman became a full time mom when they had their two daughters. However sometime later she got fed up with her fatty look and decided it was time to shed some pounds. She used all the information and research done by Steve during the process and succeeded in an unbelievable transformation in just a couple of months. She is also a contributing columnist on nutrition with Iron man magazine. All their years in the fitness industry has helped them make use of some of the best tips that will help reverse the aging process.

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Pros of Old School New Body Program

Great Results in a Short Time Frame
While there are many training programs that help people lose weight and gain muscle, very few can produce results in a short period of time. Old School New Body is one of the very few programs that exist today that can deliver visible results in as little as 90 days. For only 90 minutes per week (approx 15 minutes per day), you can hope to achieve a leaner and stronger body that would certainly impress anyone.

Suitable for People of All Ages
Regardless of age and sex, users of this fitness plan can expect to gain results as long as they follow all the steps and stick to the recommended regimen. This program works for those who want to lose weight as well as those who intend to gain lean muscle mass and achieve definition in one or more areas of their body.

Tried and Proven Strategies
The authors of this program, Steve and Becky Holman, have thoroughly researched and studied all the principles discussed in this program. More importantly, they have both tried the workout regimens recommended within the plan and you can see the Becky transformation which itself is the prove that old school new body system really works.

Easy to Follow Instructions
Confusion is one of the most common reasons why people quit working out since many programs today are simply too convoluted to follow. With Old School, the instructions are clear and concise so everyone can easily understand and follow each step.

List of Facts and Myths
One of the best things about this product is that it carefully educates users about the truth regarding exercise and overall wellness. There is so much that people need to learn about what their body really needs and how they can improve their quality of life. Those who bought Old School and tried the steps recommended were pleasantly surprised at the things they learned from the program, and utterly pleased with the results. It is in fact a great tool that can change the way you live your life and how you treat your health.

Cost Effective
Many are put off by most fitness programs in the market due to their exorbitant price. Old School, on the other hand is priced reasonably enough that practically everyone can afford it. In addition, there are bonuses offered along with the purchase of this product. At $20, Old School New Body is practically a steal.

Cons Of Old School New Body

  • This program is not for those who do not like to work out or those who are not prepared to work very hard for short periods of time.
  • Its in EBOOK format. Not available in your local book store
  • The program focuses on high intensity and shorter workouts. This means you have to do hard workout but for shorter duration like 15 mins in a day.
  • While priced quite low, the $20 offer is only good for the first 1000 copies. The next 1000 copies will be sold at $37, and the rest for $47. It is also exclusively distributed and cannot be downloaded from online ebook stores like Barnes & Nobles. In any case, you would only be paying less than $50 for something that is incredibly effective useful for many years to come.
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The Conclusion of Old School New Body Review

When you search for quick weight loss or best workout plan today, you will get hundreds of programs that guarantees the results. The only issue is their hard to follow workout plan, which will need atleast an hour per day as well as a gym membership. Majority of these programs also *recommends* you some kind of supplement. And then comes the specialized meal plans which are simply either too hard to make or too expensive to get via some third party meal service. I have seen lots of people quieting on their fitness goal due to the fact that they cannot give 1 hour per day in a gym on regular basis or they cannot cook the specialized mandatory diet meals. Old School New Body does not ask you any of such thing. All it ask is mere 15 minutes per day and some adjustments in your daily diet. You don’t even need to go to gym to perform the workout plan.

Old School New Body belongs to an elite classification of fitness plans that is bound to take the world by storm. It has already made a great impact on many users and fitness professionals so there is no good reason not to give it the old college try. It is just about as promising as any health plan in the market today, and is definitely worth buying.

With this fitness program, the person trying to be fit is in total control of what happens. They can stop and start when they want and only try to maintain the body. The program is quite simple to follow and you need only 15 minutes a day to get the body you want. The best part is that there only four exercises involved. With today’s busy lifestyle, spending useful 15 minutes for yourself is a bargain that you won’t find every day especially when these 15 minutes make you look younger, more energetic and helps you get in a perfect shape. Old School New Body can help you with your fitness goals, healthy weight and better looks and all those in just 15 minutes per day. It is highly recommended for those who wants to be fit but cannot have the luxury of spending hours in gym.