Customized Fat Loss Review – Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Scam?

We are all unique and we all have different nutritional needs, that is what many of the other programs simply dismiss and fail to address. To magnify our fat loss we need to personalize our diet according to our particular goals, no one is the same! Generic plans on the market are never truly customized for you, they always turn out to be a waste of time and money.

Celebrities, models and pro-bodybuilders enjoy the luxury of having their own nutritionist that are there every day to tell them what foods to eat, what amounts and when to eat! Moreover, they pay big money for this service with upfront fees of $5000 not uncommon! This guarantees them life-changing fat loss and it skyrockets their metabolism. Now there is no doubt about the effectiveness of the customize approach towards a person’s fitness goals however not everyone can or is ready to afford that kind of service. But with the Customized Fat Loss program you can experience the same or better results at a fraction of that price.

What is Customized Fat Loss Program?

customized-fatloss-programKyle Leon’s doctor endorsed Customized Fat Loss Program is quite simply the best program currently on the market for losing weight, second to none. The program has nothing to do with pills, powders, potions, trend diets or ridiculous fitness gizmos that have been sold to you by the dishonest, useless multibillion dollar diet industry. Those products never worked for anyone and have most likely left you frustrated, tired and fed up. Kyle Leon has enlisted the help of licensed physician, Dr. Jill Holowell, who has assisted thousands of her clients in Miami, Indiana and Canada reach their fitness-related goals.

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She states that food is simply the best medicine for your metabolism and health. What you eat is the single most important factor to strip off stubborn body fat. The Customized Fat Loss program is the most safest, quickest, healthiest, natural and effective approach on the market today. Dr. Jill Holowell personally shed 24 pounds of pure, unsightly body fat using the program and earned herself a physique she hasn’t experienced since her days in high school. Rest assured, even if you have horrible genetics or have tried for years to lose weight with no success, the program delivers results across the board! Excess body fat is toxic and harmful to your overall health and not to mention your self-respect and self-confidence. The Customized Fat Loss program is developed for people that are serious about their transformation goals. Men and Women, young and old, as long as you’re serious about accepting the truth and using it to make your dream body your reality, Customized Fat Loss was made for you.

About Kyle Leon

leon-kyleKyle Leon is a renowned health expert and author of several highly successful fitness programs. He has been featured in almost all the major online fitness communities as well as tv shows. He works as a product development consultant for Blue Star Nutraceuticals and as the member of fitness advisory board for BioTrust Nutrition. Kyle is known for taking customize approach when designing & developing a fitness program thus increases its effectiveness.

Customized Fat Loss System Pros:

  • Doctor’s endorsed program.
  • Unlike generic diets, this program focused on providing you with a customized approach towards your fitness goal.
  • The program focused on actual weight loss instead of water weight
  • You don’t need to buy dozens of supplements or exotic groceries
  • Custom workout plan based on your objective.
  • Top notch support and consultancy form the Kyle Leon and his team of experts
  • 100% money back guarantee if you don’t see results
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Customized Fat Loss Program Cons

  • Only available in eb-book format
  • Needs dedication and patience
  • Need some diet adjustments as well as need you to follow specific workout


Is Customized Fat Loss Program For You – Final Thoughts

Nothing is left to chance with this revolutionary fitness program as it includes valuable information such as the 11 foods to NEVER EAT! It’s super simple to follow and the Customized Fat Loss program does everything for you! You are probably thinking this sounds serious, but what results can I expect? 12-24 pounds of pure fat, NOT water weight or precious muscle mass, in 6-12 weeks is the minimum amount guaranteed by Kyle Leon! The Customized Fat Loss program comes with unlimited lifetime upgrades, a customized fat loss training guide, supplement guide and the Peak in a Week guide all thrown in free of additional charge! Talk about amazing value and it also comes with a 100% Moneyback Guarantee! This should be the easiest decision of your life, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Let’s get started.