3 Week Diet Review – Is Brian Flatt 3 Week Diet Program Scam?

As per the latest numbers by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 38% of U.S. adults & 17% U.S. teenagers are obese. The obesity situation has gone so far that it has been cited by numerous research agencies, including American Journal of Public Health, as the major contributing factor in approx. 18% preventable deaths of Americans aged 40 – 85.

Despite numerous attempts to prevent or curtail it, obesity has been increasing continuously. One of the reason is the fact that spending on obesity-related illnesses, which was $36.5 billion in 2002, leaped to $147 billion in 2008. This is roughly 11.6% of the total amount spent on health. So with this type of money involved, no pharmaceutical company will ever introduced a permanent and healthy cure for obesity. With tons of “magic pills” and countless “diets” available today, things are only making people confused instead of helping them.

Fact is taking fat burning pills and supplements, going on famous diets, or following the latest fad exercises is not going to burn off body fat, and keep it off for the rest of your life. Starving yourself will actually make you gain even more weight. Plus your energy level will be plummeted so what good is losing weight if you feel exhausted and cranky all the time?’

It all comes down to some simple nutrition knowledge, and a step by step routine specifically designed for your body type and created by a qualified Fitness Trainer. Luckily you can get all these 3 things in the 3 Week Diet Program by Brian Flatt.

What is 3 Week Diet Program?

3 Week Diet program is a scientific way to lose weight quickly and safely. It focuses on 2 very important yet highly ignored factors in almost all the major diets.

1. Custom Plan based on Your Body Type
2. Cellular Inflammation as cause of extra weight

Interestingly both of these factors are interrelated. Let me explain why.

When you get injured or a sprained ankle, you saw the acute inflammation. However there is another type of inflammation known as chronic inflammation which is also referred as “Silent Killer”. This type of inflammation occurs in cellular level. It can cause severe health issues and even damage your DNA. Basically when a cell become inflamed it stopped functioning which led to nutrients stopped entering into the cell as well as the waste stopped leaving the cell. This malfunction created toxic cell which have two options i.e. die or mutate. Over time cellular inflammation becomes too common due to the bad type of food intake. This includes sugar, bad fats and toxins. The treatment of this condition is to change your diet by replacing inflammatory food types with anti-inflammatory food types.

This is the reason that sometimes, a diet would work wonders on someone, but that same diet would have little or no effect on others. This is why people keep jumping from one diet to another, never achieving permanent weight loss and in the end quit it altogether.

Every person’s body responds to food differently therefore there is no thing as universal diet plan. This is the main reason why famous diets like Atkins, Zone, etc are unable to help people lose weight and produce long term results.

The key lies in a person’s body type and its corresponding metabolism. Every person has the potential to lose weight and get into shape, no matter which body type they have. However, different rules apply to each body type. When you eat according to your body type, you are working with nature (instead of against it), and you then enable the body to spontaneously shed excess weight.

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When you began to eat foods that are not only anti-inflammatory but also according to your specific body type, then pounds and inches began to fall off like magic. You won’t believe how easy it is, and you began to wish you had known about body-type-focused balanced diet sooner, instead of wasting so many years trying ineffective weight loss methods. And the best part is that the Three Week Diet menus are not at all restrictive the way most diets tend to be. Above all, they are nutritious and flavorful, unlike the bland, tasteless, and often nutritionally deficient food that diet gurus often recommend.

The simple fact is this: FOOD can train your body to mimic the metabolism of a long-distance cyclist, but only IF it’s the right kind of food in the right combinations that are suited to your particular body type.

About Brian Flatt – Author of The 3 Week Diet Program

Brian Flatt is a professional trainer and nutritionist who runs his own training and fitness facility in southern California called R.E.V. Fitness. As a gym instructor and personnel trainer, he saw many of his clients struggling with their excessive weight issues. Even with all the hard work they are putting in doing regular exercises and following famous diets plans, the results aren’t getting any better for them. Some of them managed to knock off a few pounds now and then, but the weight would always come back with a vengeance (usually, more weight than they lost).

To help his clients, Brian started researching on nutrition. He reviewed every diet he could get his hands on, bought every fat-burning pill that was available, and checked every exercise gadget or video that was created to hit those “specific” muscles.

After talking to some of the professional doctors and medical researchers, he realized the underlying problem behind every weight loss program. So he provided some of his clients with custom diet menus tailored specifically for their body type. The food recommended in those diet menus has anti-inflammatory qualities as well as they were picked as per the client’s specific body type. The results were amazing and his clients lost up to 23 pounds of excessive fat within 3 weeks. When he started seeing the results his system has achieved, and how great it made his clients feel, he decided to help other people who were feeling the same way his clients were.

After fine tuning his system and making it automated, he put all the knowledge & his research into an eBook, and named it 3 Weeks Diet Program. The whole 3 Weeks Diet system includes the Research, Diet Manual, Workout regimes and a motivational guide. It enabled his clients to lose tremendous amounts of weight rapidly and keep it off for life.

Customers Reviews About 3 Week Diet

“Brian’s Three Week Diet Program has taught me a great deal about my body and mind. For instance, I have learned that, indeed, food intake is equally important as exercise in achieving fitness goals. Also, the knowledge of how much and what types of food and exercise I need to get maximum results has been invaluable. Now I have a clear plan to success that includes meal plans, strength training, and cardio – which has given me more control over my life. This control has allowed me to spend more time concentrating on other goals, and has freed up a lot of time and energy wasted on wondering ‘am I eating and exercising right’?
Sara Iza, Age 29

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“Brian’s educational background in nutrition combined with his many years of personal training experience give him a unique background as a personal trainer. He understands how each element – cardiovascular training, weight training, food intake (i.e. nutrition), and motivation are all necessary components to a successful fat loss program.

I not only achieved my weight reduction and body fat goals, but lost inches in all the right places and gained core strength and muscle. I highly recommend following Brian Fatt 3 Week Diet program to attain your personal fitness goals. He not only talks the talk, He also walks the walk. I can’t thank Brian enough for the impact he has had on my overall health and well being!”
Liz Rockhold, Age 42

How Your Body Can Achieve Its Maximum Metabolic Rate

What makes 3 weeks diet weight loss method so effective is that it is completely customized to your body type and it make sure that you don’t eat the foods which are causing you gain weight.

Brian emphasize that if you do nothing but follow the 3 week diet menus, you will lose fat and weight from your body. But if you really want to maximize the fat-burning ability of your body and create the defined and toned body you’ve always wanted, you need to include exercise in your weight loss program.

Think about it. I’m sure you know people who have lost weight, but who aren’t in good shape, right? That’s because they lack the muscle tone and definition that we all need in order to be perceived as having an attractive figure or physique.

The good news is Brian includes exercise routines that burn body fat in record speed and accelerate the process of getting a toned and defined body. So, in addition to a highly customized diet plan, you will also get a step-by-step exercise routine that delivers maximum fat loss and toning. This exercise routine incorporates an often overlooked workout stage, which stimulates a specific muscle fiber and that’s the key to melting body fat and speeding up your metabolism.

Weight Loss is not Fat Loss – Learn The Difference

ANYBODY can lose weight – but it’s much harder to lose body fat. Most of the popular fad diets like South Beach Diet, Atkins, Zone, Weight Watchers, etc. involve weight loss only. The weight you lose on those diets is water weight and muscle but you retain all your body fat. That makes you a “skinny fat person” and when you gain back your weight, it’s all fat, and you now have a slower metabolism and lost muscle tone.

In contrast, Three Weeks Diet consists of body-type-focused diet menus and exercise routines that are designed for rapid fat loss and muscle-toning. The more lean muscles you have, the more fat your body burns, and the more defined your body becomes.

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The absolute best and most effective way to do the fat-burning routines, and create a lean, firm body with excellent muscle tone and definition is, of course, to work face-to-face with a qualified professional fitness trainer. But that’s not many people afford due to lack of time and cost involved.

Luckily 3 week diet program provides you with all the knowledge and powerful fat loss routines so that you’ll know exactly how to do them. They are created by a professional fitness trainer and laid down in such details that it’ll be like having a trainer standing over your shoulder and showing you how to do the routines in person.

The 3 Weeks Diet eBook contains decade of knowledge Brian learned as a professional fitness trainer. It includes exercise routines, motivational guide, customized nutrition & diet plans, and research behind the cellular inflammation and its connection with weight loss.

You Can Have Vibrant Energy – Even As Your Losing Weight and After You’ve Lost Your Excess Weight

Weight loss is NOT just about dropping pounds and banishing fat – for what good is being slim and fit if you’re unhealthy or have little or no energy?

Popular diets often recommend very unhealthy diet guidelines. Some insist on no-fat diets, some urge you to cut the carbohydrates (Atkins), and some insist on specific protein-carbohydrate-fat formulas that ignore your particular body type. These diets can be very dangerous because they cause nutritional deficiencies and rob you of your energy.

Nutritionists are in agreement that essential fatty acids and carbohydrates are crucial to the health of the body. If you’re on a low-fat or low-carb diet, for instance, you are essentially malnourished. And because you’re malnourished, your body doesn’t have the fuel to produce energy. That’s why most people who are on commercial diets are often cranky, irritable, unmotivated, or have low levels of energy.

In contrast, 3 Weeks Diet program offers body-type-focused diet menus, which are nutritious and balanced, and both the menus and exercise routines produce high levels of energy.

Conclusion About 3 Week Diet System

I hope I’ve made you understand that the best weight loss program is one that is customized to your specific body type. It should match the food type with your body type to prevent causing or increasing cellular inflation. Unless a weight loss program passes these all-important criterion, there’s no way it could ever help you lose weight safely, effectively or permanently.

By this standard, virtually all commercially available weight loss programs and diets FAIL miserably. That’s why we have more overweight people today than at any other time in history. (Approximately 75% of the adult U.S. population is overweight, and 40% of them are obese). That’s a sobering fact.

3 week diet program is a science backed weight loss system that is created by an ACTUAL fitness trainer who owns a fitness facility since years. His experience with various people and his research has made the 3 week diet weight loss system a credible and worthy system. If you are unable to afford a personnel trainer but want to get all the benefits it can offer you then 3 week diet is your best bet. And there is absolutely no risk on your part. If for any reason you are not happy with the program, simply sending an email within 60 days can get a 100% refund.