Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – Is Rick Kaselj & Mike Westerdal Hip Flexors Unlocking Guide Scam?

Humans are not capable of functioning in the right way if their hips are not in good condition. Our hips play into almost every movement made by our body. Even something as simple as sitting down becomes agonizing if your hips are not proper. With time, due to our unconscious unnatural movements like bending down to lift objects or wrong sitting posture, our hips flexors starts tightening.

Tight hip flexors are dangerous because they can result in major problems regarding posture. When you stand up, the tight psoas pulls on the lower back’s vertebrae forward and then down, leading to the femur. This can often cause lordosis which manifests as an overarching in the lumbar spine. This is a cause of lower back pain and stiffening. This can also add to arthritis in your lumbar facet joints. When these muscles are tight, then every movement made by you is difficult and tires you out easily. This also ends up in many health problems that you would did not know were because of the hip flexor muscles.

  • Problems can be:
  • Problems in digestion
  • Pain in the back and joints
  • Trouble in running, walking and jogging
  • Improper posture and imbalance
  • Sleeping issues
  • Discomfort in the hip region
  • Weakening in the immune system
  • Decrease in sexual desire
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Anxiety
  • Reduction in athletic performance
  • Pain in the legs
  • Locked up hips
  • Circulatory problems


The amount of people across the globe who have to suffer from these issues is great. Most of these people would find it difficult to believe that their problems have stemmed from tight hip flexor muscles. Many of these problems are caused by tight hip flexors while the rest are somewhat uncommon. Unlock Your Hip Flexors aism to help you get rid of most symptoms of tight hip flexors.

What is Unlock Your Hips Flexors?

Everyone wants to drop weight, be more flexible and just feel stronger overall. However, we are unable to concentrate much attention to this venture due to the strains of time management. The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program will assist you in changing your body for the better. With this program you will understand why your hip flexors are vital and play an important role in the movement of your body.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a program that comes with a manual guide that is sixty-three pages long and two videos, one of which is a coaching video and the other is one for following-along. The follow-along video is for showing you how to do the exercises that are included in the manual. This program aims to teach the users how they can loosen their hip flexors and strengthen them in the process. Buyers who bought this program will also be able to enjoy two bonuses (that are free): the 7-day Anti-Inflammatory diet and the Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings program which also includes a manual guide and videos. Once you manage to loosen up your hip flexors, there will be a noticeable change in your flexibility and movement will be far easier. Your entire muscle system and joints will be improved once you strengthen and loosen these muscles. This will alter your posture and the way you move about will be significantly improved.

According to Unlock Your Hips Flexors, tight hip flexors are often caused by an overload in sitting and pattern. By this it means that the repeating of a movement for a long time such as running or doing squats can cause tight hip flexors. Our hips are a complex structure in our body and four muscle groups work to help them move in the way they do. However one group has to shoulder more responsibility than the rest of them. This is the iliopsoas group. This muscle, which can be found deep in the hip, is highly popular in the world of fitness. There have been numerous articles written about it, books printed and are a focus in many yoga and therapy videos. The psoas is very significant because it has several responsibilities. In terms of structure and form, it is the duty of the psoas to stabilize your spine and flex the hip. Another singular thing about the psoas is that it is used to attach the legs to our spine. However, the problem is that the psoas is very deep within our body which makes it hard to access.

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The solution to this is the sequential flow technique. As you know, it is difficult to access your psoas by simply stretching your hip flexor muscles in the traditional way. It needs a step-based process that is created with thought and logic. Unlocking the muscles in your hips is like unfolding paper and needs to be in the right way so that you can avoid any unnecessary problems. Loosening one muscle after the other will just contribute to the tightening. If you mess this up, you could potentially worsen the situation. This technique is not just based on how well you execute the techniques but also that they are done in the correct order. If this is done properly, then Westerdal and Kaselj believe that the Sequential Flow Method works in beginning the natural healing process in your body. They say it increases flexibility and gives you further strength and makes you healthier.

If you perform the movements in the correct sequence then all the tissues including connective tissue, fascia and the joint tissues and works in the breakup of the scar tissue. The Sequential Flow Method has six unique elements:

  1. Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching or simply put as PNF stretching. In this technique, you will be activating a certain muscle so that the muscles around a joint can loosen. This way you can relax any stiffening that may be occurring in the joint, which can cause great pain.
  2. Dynamic stretching in which you will activate the muscle that surrounds a joint and you will move that joint in its complete range of movement in a progressive way. From this increase in motion around the joint, the muscle is warmed up and the circulation is increased as well.
  3. 3D Core Stability exercise with which the program singles out the muscles which is every plane of motion by which the abdominal and core muscles will activate properly, have improved endurance and be strengthened in every plane of movement. This will result in less injurious stress on your joints.
  4. Mobility exercises in which the program is targeting your joint and will be performing movements that will help the joint in working in the best way possible. This enables the joint to move in a more liberal manner.
  5. Stretching of the fascia. With this the target object will be the tissue that surrounds the muscles which help in loosening and increasing the length of your fascia.
  6. Muscle Activation Movements. An increased use of technology and sitting habits, many of our muscles do not function in the right way. With the help of this particular technique, we will be able to target the muscles that are off and will activate them so that our body can move more properly.


How Unlock Your Hips Flexors Can Help You ?

Obese people are usually the victim of problems with their hips. If you are healthy and physically fit, then you will not be able to detect the small hip flexors. Yet, you will be able to detect them if the person has bad posture. Issues such as anxiety, joint pain, and trouble in walking, seizure of hips, disturbed sleep, indigestion, immune system problems and those related to circulation. Most of these problems have an underlying reasoning in tightened hip flexors.

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With this program you will be able to know all there is to know about the hip flexors and how you can keep them flexible so that you can keep your health stable. You can see simple exercises which you can follow in order to keep your hip flexors lithe and of optimum flexibility.

You do not have to worry about taking out time for this as it is not very long. If you have a busy schedule, you will still be able to incorporate this into it and do a few simple stretches and a few exercises. The exercises that you will see in the video are very easy to copy even if you are not familiar with such exercises.

What Makes Unlock Your Hips Flexors Unique ?

This guide is a standout amongst most other ones regarding workout and losing weight. Most programs speak of exercising and training in order to drop weight or get in shape. This guide shines a light on root of the issue i.e. hip flexors and how if you loosen them up then this will inevitably lead to reducing stomach fat, increased energy levels and even improved sexual performance among other things.

This program will help you in gleaning a better knowledge of hip flexors or psoas. You will understand why having tight hip flexors is very dangerous. This will help you in achieving better results when it comes to physical development.

This manual is different from most other exercise and diet manuals because they focus on the hip flexors. These muscles are not very well known but basically play a key role in the system of our body. These muscles are responsible for your balance and your ability to sit, walk, bend, reach for something, step and bend. Any movement in our body that makes use of our hips requires these muscles, which is a lot of movements. If you kick or leap, there is a measurable stress that is put on your hip flexors. Athletes such as runners, martial artists and soccer players often complain of pain in their upper groin area, where the pelvis is met by the thighs. This is where you will find your hip flexors to be located.

About Authors of Unlock Your Hips Flexors

This exceptional program was created by Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal who are professionals in the field of muscle building and physical fitness. These two say that we will have better health and will be able to avoid many common health issues with just fifteen minutes of exercise daily.
Having reviewed many similar products, this product shows no sign of doubt and the creators of this seem to be well-aware of their product and its effectiveness.

If you are talking about injuries and enduring pain, then Rick Kaselj is the man for you. Most of his knowledge didn’t come from studying or attending discussions, but rather how he dealt with his own struggles in terms of physical pain. His journey began with a severe injury in his back when he was exercising in the incorrect manner. This injury was severe enough to pose a threat to his professional career and also make it difficult for him to lead a painless and happy life. Kaselj feared a life full of pain, doctors’ appointments and medical drugs which is why he began to look for a way of getting rid of the horrible pain in his back. He used himself as a guinea pig and began looking into different techniques and methods to overcome the crippling pain in his back. He has used the same methods on more than a hundred thousand clients, readers and viewers in order to help them in ridding them of the pain in their backs, shoulders, knees, elbows and other parts.

Everyday Rick Kaselj is able to help more than eighty-thousand people across a hundred and thirty-seven countries (which includes Antarctica). With his help, these people are able to live fuller lives as they are both healthy and free from any suffering. Rick has also instructed his strategies to more than eight thousand health and fitness professionals across the globe.

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Mike Westerdal is the founder of CriticalBench.com, is a kettle bell instructor and works as a personal trainer. CriticalBench.com is the biggest online site that helps half a million people every month in reaching their health and strength objectives. Westerdal has a history in powerlifting and training for sports. In order to overcome injuries and crippling pain he has joined forces with Rick Kaselj who, as you know, specializes in injuries.

Their aim is to help others in fixing particular injuries and dealing with pain without the need of doctors’ appointments, drugs or surgery. With their help, people will be able live their life in the best way.

There tends to be an abundance of information regarding biomechanics and anatomical references of the hip flexors. The information provided is simple enough for any user to understand what the writers are talking about.

Pros of Unlock Your Hips Flexors

Unlock Your Hips Flexors includes descriptive information regarding human anatomy and the biomechanics that help our body work particularly that concerning hips. There is an array of problems that can be solved by something as simple as loosening your hip flexor muscles. The videos have a detailed description of every movement and are clearly demonstrated so there is no room for error and you will be ensured that you are doing them correctly. The amount of times you have to repeat a particular exercise and for how long you have to perform it will be mentioned and properly explained. When you read the book, it will feel like you are being treated and instructed by an actual doctor. This product is reasonably priced and is definitely worth the purchase. There is a money-back guarantee for sixty days in case you face any problems or are not satisfied with the product. This is a convenient feature if you do not find the program effective.

Cons Of Unlock Your Hips Flexors

Although the guide has its benefits yet some clienteles may have some fair points of complaint. This product is only available in the electronic form. Many people have difficulty in getting a hold of and using technology, which is why this product might not appeal to them as much, especially older people. Some of the problems that are claimed to be fixed with the help of loosening hip flexors tend to be a bit overstated. Due to several factors, there is also no complete guarantee that the product will work for you or have any noticeable impact on your physical condition.


This product, at the end of the day, is worth buying because it costs only fifty dollars and can cure any back or hip pain that you may be suffering from. This is a small price to pay for something that will rid you from such pain for a lifetime. If you put it into perspective, doctors and hospitals usually charge a lot for a simple checkup. That is why this product is considerably reasonable when it comes to pricing. It will be a worthwhile investment on your part if you have crippling pain in your lower back or your hip region. This is a legitimate program and is not a con. There is logic and a good understanding behind the making of it.

This program is one of the top products available online and sells fairly well. There are many reviews that you can read online that speak of it in a good way. This has already helped many users to end pain in their joints and lose weight around their stomach. These people also have a lot of energy and their sexual health is optimal.