Understanding All About Car Wax & Its Application Tips

Waxing is a great means to protect your car from scratches and preserve the car color and the shine so that it looks for years to come. However, waxing is an expensive process and one should know exactly when the car is ready for the next round of waxing.

One needs to perform a simple test referred to as the bead test. Splash some water on the car body. If water beads are formed within the ½’’ diameter of the body of the car you need not get the car re-waxed; however, if the case is not the same you will need to get the car re-waxed.

Delaying in the waxing of the car can be harmful to the car’s body paint preservation effort and may cost you more after a gap period.

Each car is different and nowadays there are many car manufacturers build cars which are already being coated with Teflon which is a plastic like coating which offers the desired protection to the cars for longer periods.

However, there are synthetic car waxes that have come up in the market providing great results and which last for much longer periods. It must be noted that cars which are waxed after fixed intervals to maintain their shine for much longer periods against the ones which are waxed infrequently.

Let’s look at some of the tips for car waxing;

Ensure that your car is clean and dry before you go for the waxing. This will give great results.

Use your hand to check the car for any rough patches or dirt or greasy spots even after the cleaning has been completed. This will help you clean such spots with a non – abrasive material giving a completely smooth to the car ready for waxing.

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Always use clean clothes in the process of waxing. Used clothes may contain certain hard particles which might have been left on the cloth while waxing and hence can harm the car while the buffing or waxing is done using these clothes.

Wax should be allowed to dry in a cool place for some time and it is only after that the buffing should be done to remove the wax.

If you apply too much wax on the car it is not going to give great results but will last the same amount of time. The only thing that will happen is that you will lose extra money.

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