3 Best Selling Tool Belts

Modern technology has made life so much easier by allowing us to access information from around the world in a second. It has put mini computers in our hands which have a thousand functionalities. This is because the value of time and accessibility has been realized. Similarly, the tool belt was invented to make a handyman’s work much easier. Picture all the tools that you may require just hanging around your waist, procured within a second when the need arises. It has become such an important part of a workman’s gear that it has now become the symbol for a handyman. Add jeans and boots to the equation, and you are reminded of the popular cartoon figure, Bob the Builder.

When buying a tool belt, it is important to consider many factors before making the final choice. These include the strength of the material used to make the belt, its durability. The range of waist size, and whether it includes your size or not. You have to work out how many pockets you require to hold your tools, by judging how many tools you will be able to carry around your waist all day.

1 – TR Industrial 88021

This particular product is widely popular because of its value for money. It bears 12 pockets to hold tools of all sizes and shapes, and is made of a tough but light polyester that will hang comfortably from your waist. And despite offering so many advantages, it comes pretty cheap, hence making it the popular choice among most handymen. However, the cheap polyester is prone to tears, and the waist size range goes as far as only 32 inches.

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2 – Custom LeatherCraft 1614

The Custom Leathercraft Company is widely known for its tool belts and their durability. It includes 23 pockets of various sizes, including 13 additional sleeves to house the various odds and ends. It also comes with suspenders to provide extra support. The belt can be worn by people bearing a waist size of 29 to 46 inches.

3 – Tool Bag Tool Belt

This is another standard tool belt with suspenders to bear the weight if you intend to fill all of the 24 pockets. The suspenders can also be removed if you can bear the weight just by your waist. It also includes the additional feature of a plastic lined pocket which can save your pocket from the sharper tools.