Turn Your Black Thumb Green With These Tips

Many people enjoy having an indoor and outdoor garden but are unable to tend to it properly. There is definitely joy in gardening, once you learn how to do it right, and it’s not as difficult as many people make it out to be. Plants just need care and the key is to find the right type of care.

Black Thumb Green

Look For Information About Caring For Your Specific Plants

There is no point in learning how to grow a bed of roses if you have african violets, because each plant has its own needs. So go ahead and research how often should you water african violets, or other information that pertains to the plants you want to grow, and not plants that everyone else recommends. You will enjoy the process more this way, because it is centred around the plant that you enjoy. Here are few things you’d want to know about caring for a plant:

  • How often to water the plant?
  • Does the plant like wet soil or dry soil? How much should you allow the soil to drain?
  • How much sunlight should the plant be getting?
  • What is the ideal temperature or climate for this particular plant?
  • Do I need to spruce this plant or care for it in a specific way?
  • Does the plant work better when indoors or outdoors?

These are only a few of the many questions that may help you develop a better understanding of your plants.

Look For Plants That Are Considered Low Maintenance

Growing plants requires a lot of patience, but that doesn’t mean that you should choose the toughest plant that you can find. A better option for inexperienced plants is to simply buy those plants that are well-known for being easy to handle. A good example would be a cactus plant or any of its relatives. Those plants are much easier to care for, thanks to their ability to thrive on little water. This means that even if you forget to water them sometimes, they can handle it.

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Learn About Your Climate Zone

Each geographical area has its pros and cons. Research what type of  climate you are in so that you can match it with the appropriate plants. An even better solution would be to look for plants that are native to your region. If the plant can grow naturally in your weather then you’re probably not going to have much of a problem with it. The plant may survive any of your mishaps, because they are probably accustomed to much worse. For example, in some parts of California, you can find rosemary growing in the wild with little to no interference from humans. Although the plant is native to the meditteranean, the temperature climate of California is suitable for it – so growing rosemary if you live in California should be relatively easy.

The last piece of advice is to learn how to control pests, whether by using a pesticide, or research organic methods. Using these tips and tricks you can start gardening in no time.