Tips On Selling A Motorcycle

Like everything you own, your motorcycle can be sold. Although your bike might hold a special place in your heart, holding much more sentimental value than you would expect, there are still some circumstances where you would want to sell it. Nonetheless, these are a few helpful tips to make sure you have a successful sale.

A Clean Bike Is More Likely To Be Sold

Obviously you’re going to want to present your bike in the best light possible. Make sure to give it a thorough cleaning. Even get to cleaning the engine, and look up how to clean motorcycle engine casing – so that any prospective buyer will feel more impressed with your ride. Given that the engine is more exposed than a car’s engine, it can get pretty dirty and you will need to spend more time cleaning it.

Give It A Paint Job

Especially if it’s been a while since you’ve last polished or painted your bike, it may help to spend a little money if you want to make a sale. Since you’re giving it a new coat of paint with the buyer in mind, ask around for what colors are more popular, or what designs stand out more. They don’t necessarily need to be your preference, because your primary objective is for a buyer to like it – not you.

Advertise On Online Marketplaces

Don’t limit yourself to traditional ads like the yellow pages – it’s 2021, and the internet is everything. Look online for websites that specialize in buying and selling motorcycles, but you can also advertise on craigslist and Facebook. The wider you can cast your net – the more potential buyers you will be able to attract. Make sure your listing includes high-quality photos of  your motorcycle from several angles, information about your bike, and your contact details. You need to decide whether to include the price or not – depending on your preference.

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A Note On Transparency

While it is always best to show all the positive aspects of your bike, it is important to try and be as honest with your potential buyers as possible. Include information in your listing about any repairs that need to be done on  your bike, or any damages. Any interested buyer will likely ask to see the bike in real life, and the truth will be revealed sooner or later – it’s better to be honest upfront. Ideally, you should also offer potential (serious) buyers a chance to go out for a test run. It may sound risky, so some people ask for a deposit in exchange for a test run. It’s a great way to allow a potential buyer to make up their mind, and makes you seem generous so they will likely offer a higher price.

Selling your bike doesn’t need to be complicated. Just remember to be honest with buyers, and try to showcase everything you loved about your bike. If possible, minor repairs can be considered an investment towards selling your bike, and even giving it a makeover with a new paint job.