5 Things People Shouldn’t Do On Instagram

1 – Do not post pictures where you appear scantily-clad!

Do not upload photos that you might regret later. Remember the things you post on the Internet and in networks such as Instagram can be shared and viewed by others in just seconds. Such pictures could bring problems in the future when finding work or just when you want to be taken as a serious person.

2 – Do not post other people’s intimate photos!

If you have intimate photos of other people on your mobile phone, not just you could be committing a crime to publish, you will also be showing a lack of education and low moral quality. Note that posting pictures of this kind could bring serious problems to that other person. If you have pictures of this kind, the best thing you can do with them is to delete.

3 – Do not be narcissistic!

The universe does not revolve around you. Therefore, devote yourself to publish photos of your interesting moments, not your face. It is not bad publishing occasionally a photo of selfie type, but do not fall into excess endless chain publishing a photo of this type.

4 – Do not post pictures of everything you see!

You may be surprised, but many people have already seen trees, shoes, clouds and dishes with food in their lives. It is not necessary that you show all the dishes you eat every day. And if you go to a concert, your friends do not need to see photos or fuzzy and poorly lit each song videos.

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If you really need to post as many photos on the same topic, I recommend creating an album with photos in Facebook.

5 – Do not abuse the hashtags!

The hashtags on Instagram serve you to attach your photos to a specific topic, competitions and give greater context to your photos, so do not use them sparingly. Nobody wants to see photos whose description consists solely of hashtags. If you are going to use, remember to use only those that are relevant. Do not put your photos under popular hashtags only to be seen by more people because you are deceiving others and get the effect of alienating potential new followers.

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