What are the Prevalent Trends of Arranging Events & Exhibitions?

We always try to bring the latest trends in general events and exhibitions in this post, I have decided to focus on trends for corporate events and exhibitions such as end-of-the-year dinners for companies, clients, co-workers, human resources, all the elements that are crossed from year to year to live different experiences.

The trends that I will talk about next are gaining momentum around the world, so why not you also apply them in your company.

Facebook Live

Live broadcasts are fashionable and allow you to witness online something that is happening in another physical place. The scope and use that is given to Facebook in the world is enough to realize that this tool is very powerful.

You can use Facebook Live for speeches, opening ceremonies of an event or an exhibition, show the arrival to the room, etc. A free and novel resource is to broadcast live. If your company has offices in other parts of the world, you can make those people feel closer with a simple live broadcast.

Personalization at the Time of Signing Up

The data of the guests or participants are key. These allow you to know the audience better and keep a report of each event and exhibition. By means of registration forms or purchase of tickets, you can request personalized and valuable data. You can also offer discounts for certain attendees, activities and personalized meals, among other things and each attendee will feel unique.


The intelligence and the emotions in attracting the attention of the attendants add up points. In the event or the exhibition, you could organize the activities that involve the use of the senses and the fact of connecting more with the other.

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Creative Emails

The email marketing is not dead, but we must put effort in each campaign. People do not read boring things or consider spam, therefore, you must get creative, especially in the email issue. Once the person opens the email, he/she must have all the precise information of the event and a telephone or direct contact and immediate questions.

Be More Active!

You have to think about how to reach the attendees through all the channels i.e. social networks, blogs, websites, influencers, etc. It is necessary to be more attentive to know, to listen and to go little by little creating a community where the assistants can remain connected even after the event or the exhibition.

More Informal Treatment

Both the dealings with the attendees and the presentations should be more dynamic and not so formal or serious. The boring does not attract attention. Today, speakers who often go to various events to give talks, recognize that the interaction of the public is key. The feedback in the moment keeps the permanent attention of the listeners and encourage them to ask questions.

No Paper

The use of paper for both invitations, tickets and personal cards is abolished. Everything is managed and done by online channels. Event management platforms, applications to view the agenda of the event and exchange contact data are the new allies of arranging events and exhibitions.

You can find a lot of exhibition companies online, but you must visit a few of them to find the best deal.