Venus Factor Review – John Barban Venus Factor Program Scam?

If you are a woman looking to lose at least 10 pounds, I have a marvelous program for you! You have probably heard and seen it ALL when it comes to weight loss and dieting without any lasting progress to show for it! I have personally never witnessed anything like this before though. The Venus Factor System is the first and only plan designed to dramatically increase female metabolism. It is a solution that works with the female metabolism NOT against it, ensuring success. Works splendidly even if you have little to no time, terrible genetics, a slow metabolism or a crippling thyroid condition.

What is Venus Factor Program & How It Works?

venus-factor-dietThe program is centered strongly on the concepts of metabolic override and modifying the master hormone leptin in your body so it works for you and not opposed to you. I’ll bring up some things you probably didn’t know about leptin (mind you I didn’t know either prior to watching the presentation). High levels of leptin speed up your metabolism and signals your body to burn more fat as fuel. Women naturally possess up to two times more leptin in their body than men. However, women can be three times less responsive to leptin than men, this condition is known as leptin resistance. After a pregnancy, the issues are amplified and are even worse for women. You may have experienced this or known someone who has, baby weight can be painstakingly difficult to lose.

So basically, Leptin is the “fat burning” hormone. It is a protein made in the fat cells that circulates in the bloodstream and travels to the brain. Its job is to tell the brain, “Hey Master, there’s enough energy stored in the fat cells; time to stop eating and start burning fat.” In other words, Leptin is the messenger sent out by your fat cells telling your brain that you are full and it’s time to “burn fat”.

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There is a certain threshold of leptin, above which your brain senses that you have sufficient energy for normal activities. This ensures that your brain cells make a decision to stop food intake and turn on fat burning mode (speeding up metabolism). This threshold is different in each of us, and is regulated by other types of hormones as well.

The bad news is, leptin level is drastically different in women compared to men. Scientists have found that women have 3X more leptin than men and its more “elastic” (and you wonder why we need feminism 😀 )

Now this could lead to women being 3X less responsive to leptin’s signal to burn fa as well as making women more resistant to typical weight loss efforts and more prone to serious rebound. However this also means that women have untapped potential to lose weight due to higher amount of leptin. Now majority of weight loss products do not take into consideration a woman’s unique needs and their leptin levels, and are therefore not tailored for women & that’s where The Venus Factor comes into play.

The Venus Factor System provides solution to this problem with systematic metabolic override. Metabolic override is the key answer in solving women weight loss . Venus Factor works on that area along with simple yet effective exercises that unlock hidden potential of leptin to use it in effective weight loss. Unlike other diet plans, the Venus Factor System is NOT a fad diet, it is not restrictive at all and clearly not difficult to follow, trust me on that. Other diet programs usually result in uncontrolled food cravings, weight loss plateaus, a damaged metabolism and diminished energy with fatigue. You might experience temporary weight loss at best with a repulsive amount of rebound weight to follow, that doesn’t sound like fun!

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But with Venus Factor System, you can expect a permanent fat loss from problem areas on your body, increased energy to do the activities you enjoy in your life and a rapid yet 100% safe decrease in your bodyweight. You are NEVER alone on the program and are walked through step-by-step with detailed instructions on what to do. Juicy secrets are revealed in the exclusive community that assist you in burning fat around the clock and you will never look at weight loss the same way again, that is a promise!

About John Barban

barban-johnJohn Barban is a renowned fitness expert in online health communities. He has several fitness certifications and recognized degrees and has taught human performance at the University of Florida. He is widely seen as an admired, world-class expert in nutrition, biology and physiology. He has collaborated with several other health experts in creating best selling workout programs in past.

Pros Of Venus Factor System

  • Diet program specifically tailored for women.
  • 100% natural, healthy and permanent weight loss.
  • Noticeable results within 8-12 weeks.
  • Access to the Venus Community that enables you to get in touch with other like-minded people and get full support and motivation to your journey of weight loss.
  • The Virtual Nutritionist software takes into account of your body measurements and helps you calculate proteins and calories you should take to reduce excess fat.
  • 100% Money Back guarantee for 8 weeks if the program don’t work for you.
  • Cheaper than most of the supplements out there

Cons of Venus Factor Diet Program

  • Not available in hard copy
  • You need internet access to use the community
  • Only for women (this is a disadvantage for men)
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Venus Factor Review Verdict

Ladies, Generic diets have set your metabolism up to fail enough. The body you desire, the real answer to lifelong weight loss lies within this wonderful program! It’s the ONLY system tailored for success in pursuing your fitness-related goals as a woman! It is a revolutionary nutrition and exercise system that’s specific for the needs of a female’s body to change. It is not only about weight loss, but also achieving the best shape for your body. The Venus Factor System is very fairly priced so that women from any socio-economic background can take action and enjoy the physique of their dreams within 12 weeks! It’s less than the price of a tub of protein powder or a session from a personal trainer, that’s unbeatable value! Your purchase comes with bonuses such as the Virtual Nutritionist and the Venus Factor help expedite your success on the program, its great! There is also a 100% Moneyback Guarantee, you undeniably have nothing to lose!