The Health Benefits of Solar Energy

Many households throughout the world are looking for a way to power their homes ethically. Luckily most electric companies offer renewable energy plans which help you take a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. However, solar power is a fantastic option for those wanting to replace toxic energy sources with a green alternative entirely.

Apart from solar being a clean source of electricity, a study from 2018 reported that over 90% of households living off the grid felt that their health had improved. This claim may not be unjustified as unclean forms of energy are considered by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as being one of the most significant environmental health risk factors for humans living in off-grid communities in low and middle-income countries. Let’s learn about how solar energy could help benefit our health.

Solar Power Reduces Air Pollution

It is commonly known that fossil fuels are to blame for much of the problems with air pollution. By visiting heavily populated cities such as those in China, India, and America, you will be able to see how dirty, smoggy air looks. The common fossil fuel energy sources such as coal, oil, and gas release hazardous chemicals into the air, such as sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide.

The pollution in the air can cause some serious respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary inflammation, and chronic respiratory disease. With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, air pollution could be even more severe as the illness is understood to attack the respiratory system. Apart from problems it can cause with respiratory health conditions, air pollution can also cause cardio issues such as heart attacks and stroke.

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Air pollution is not only terrible for the environment but also for human health. Recent studies have identified that it is responsible for one-third of deaths caused by lung cancer, strokes, and heart disease. Through the help of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, they can help get rid of air pollution and save lives in highly populated areas.

Solar Power Improves Water Quality

Fossil fuels are not only polluting the air but also contaminating water supplies. Poor water quality due to standard energy waste is known to cause some nasty health risks. The top contributor is coal, as it emits large quantities of mercury into the air, which then falls into groundwater. The mercury particles eventually find their way into lakes, streams, and oceans, affecting the fish.

This means contaminated water not only has a damaging result on our drinking water, but if we eat mercury-contaminated fish, it can lead to irreversible neurological damage. Mercury poisoning is especially dangerous for pregnant women and young children. For this reason, it is often advised that they do not consume certain types of fish.

Replacing traditional fossil fuels with solar energy can help improve water quality and ensure fish are no longer contaminated with mercury. Renewable energy companies are working hard to install solar power systems so they can provide clean energy and save the environment.

Solar Panels Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The effects greenhouse gases are having on global warming can be seen in almost every part of the world. We are experiencing flooding, wildfires, drought, and coastal erosion, all due to global warming. Climate change is a contributing factor to some serious issues, both environmental and health troubles.

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When fossil fuels are burned, greenhouse gasses are emitted into the air, which leads to a rise in climate change and soaring global temperatures. Generating electricity through solar panels as opposed to fossil fuels can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A single home solar panel installation can have a significant effect on the environment by reducing the demand for fossil fuels and reducing the household carbon footprint.

Solar Energy Reduces the Reliance On Fossil Fuels

With more companies and private individuals demanding their electricity to come from renewable energy sources, it helps put the pressure on utilities to provide greener options. Homeowners are now installing their own solar power system so they can generate clean energy for their households and provide a cleaner environment. When a home is producing its own green power, there is no longer the reliance on conventional fossil fuel sources.

Fossil fuels are in limited supply and will eventually run out. By an increased adoption of solar power, it will reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and save reserves. As we have learnt above, the use of fossil fuels has a dangerous effect on human health and can lead to avoidable deaths.

The Takeaway

Solar power systems can improve our health for the current generation and humanity for years to come. By tackling the damage caused to the planet by fossil fuels with the adoption of solar energy, it could improve the environment and save lives. The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy has estimated that cleaning the air with the adoption of solar power could save more than 25,000 lives.

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