7 Ways to Look Good in a Swimsuit

Not everyone feels completely confident in swimwear. It can be because they are not happy with their bodies and do not like showing a lot of skin. This is why most people shy away from going to the beach and having to put on a swimsuit. But this needn’t be the case. So what if you are not a big fan of bikinis? If you want to rock new summer trends, you can definitely go for it. It does not matter if you choose a one-piece or a bikini: you can look good in anything. It all depends on the kind of swimsuit you buy and how you style it. 


There are some do’s and don’ts of wearing a swimsuit that you may have to consider. Whether you are buying online, like from swimwear Australia, or you go to an actual store, what works for your body? Will you look good in patterns or different prints? Or do you go for something plain and colorful? All of these questions have to be regarded before you can even think of making a purchase. So, what is the secret to looking good in a swimsuit?

Why Should You Wear a Swimsuit?

When the summer months roll around, everyone heads to the beach. Some people enjoy relaxing underneath the sun while others love going into the water. Beach activities cannot be done without adequate clothing. It is important for you to invest in a quality outfit for this type of beach day. 

You may be asking why you even need to wear a swimsuit in the first place. Here is why:

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Show What You Got

Why shouldn’t you flaunt your body at the beach? It is already hot enough and if you can pull off a swimsuit then you should. You do not need to worry about being a certain weight before you put on a swimsuit. Pick what you like and show off like everyone else!


The best part about swimwear is how versatile it is. You can find anything according to your preference and taste. There is a range of colors and sizing available that will make your beach day an extraordinary one.

Having Fun

Summer is about lying back and enjoying the sun. When you wear a swimsuit, the fun is doubled as you can move around freely and do more physical exercise. Not only this, but it will allow you to be more confident in your body and still have a good time.

Looking Good in a Swimsuit

It is not a science to look good in swimwear. As long as you buy a piece that flatters your body, you will turn heads. But there are some tips you can follow to make sure that whatever you put on works for you:

1. Shave Your Bikini Line

If you are thinking about putting on a bikini, you will have to shave more than just your legs. The main area you need to focus on is the bikini line. You have to take your time with this as this is a sensitive area. So, invest in a good razor, drink some wine, and get down to it. A job done right will definitely show when you put on your bikini.

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2. Reduce Bloating

Before you have your beach moment, take care of bloating. Make sure that what you eat does not have a lot of salt or carbs in it. Try to eat cooked vegetables and lose as much water weight as possible. This will ensure that you see your most authentic self when you wear your bikini or one piece.

3. Go for Slimming Colors

Wearing blacks and greys is a great way to look slim. Darker shades will give your body the right look and will accentuate your curves. Not only is this very flattering, but it is also a fashionable choice for all kinds of swimwear.

4. Do Not Be Afraid to Experiment

Wearing swimsuits is all about having fun. This means you can go with different styles and fittings for your bikini or one piece. You can ask help from sales associates in matching tops to bottoms. You can also look for different sizing in brands to find what works for you specially.

5. Support Yourself

While you are wearing your swimsuit, you do not want to sag. It is always a good idea to give yourself some added support. Whether you choose a strapless bra to help your chest area or use good old duct tape, make sure you look lifted.  

6. Exfoliate

A lot of supermodels have super smooth skin when they do photoshoots in swimwear. The secret is proper exfoliation. You can do this once a week during your showering time. Simply use a loofah to rub your bikini line and nether regions. You add soft soap for a better effect for silky smooth skin.

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7. Spray Tan

A spray tan will make sure that the color of your body is even. When you are out in the sun, your skin will glow and amplify in color. It does not matter what kind of swimsuit you have on: a spray tan cannot go wrong.


If you take help from these guidelines, you are sure to look good in any kind of swimsuit. Whether you are going for a bikini or a one-piece, the main thing you need to look good is confidence. So when you are making a purchase, get something that makes you look and feel good. All in all, be sure to have fun!