Why Should You Make A Visit For Desert Safari Dubai?

If you are dreaming of having Arabian night adventure, you should check out what Dubai has to offer. Just pack your bags and land at Dubai International Airport. This desert beauty promises the real experience of Arab culture with its exotic hospitality. There are many tour desert safari Dubai operators that pick you up right from your hotel and take you to the desert safari camps. The travelers can also enjoy some great discounts offered by various cheap flights to Dubai.

With welcome drinks and Arabian sweets, you can start your Arabian adventure in Dubai. Desert safari camps have special accommodation for their guests in the form of Ali Baba’s village tents, a traditional Bedouin style camp. During your overnight stay there, the visitors feel the calm atmosphere of the desert at night.

The first thing that brings the feeling of a fantastic Arabian adventure in Dubai is the traditional Arab costume. Male tourists can wear a kandura, a white ankle shirt woven from wool or cotton with guthra, a traditional hat. There are a variety of Arabic costumes available through tourist shops. You can enjoy dancer costume, sheikh costume, Arab Sultan costume, Arabian Princess costume, Lawrence of Arabia costume or a Genie costume.

The adventurous desert safari Dubai tour without a camel ride is not worth anything. There are many tourist agencies in Dubai that offer guided camel ride to experience the beauty of Dubai’s desert. If you don’t know how to ride a camel, there are guides available to train the beginners.

Since the temperature is pleasant in the morning and in the afternoon, so it is advisable for the tourists to take camel ride preferably just this time. It is also said that during this time, the resident wildlife is also more active.

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To entertain he guests, the desert safari Dubai operators have different arrangements and one of them is fabulous belly dancing. Dressed in exotic costumes, the Arab belly dancers are considered one of the best dancers in the world. In addition to leisure, desert safari Dubai also offers visitors the perfect opportunity to eat the regional dishes and other Arabic lip-smacking foods.

In addition to all this, desert safari Dubai is also famous for the decoration of henna. Considered as one of the great art skills, henna decoration on the body in the form of tattoos is admired by a large number of visitors visiting. You can also the experience of holding a falcon, the national symbol of the United Arab Emirates, against the backdrop of the sand dunes. So give a break to your work schedule and enjoy an Arabian adventure in desert safari Dubai by booking cheap flights or go look out for some fantastic Dubai flights deals and make your trip absolute memorable.