Points To Consider Before Choosing A House

Before buying a house, the ideal is to see several and select later. If you can, compare the three you like most by evaluating the following criteria before deciding to buy;


Most times the price of the house is not exact to what you were looking for, may be lower or higher, so take into account your limits.

Cost of Dwelling

It is not the same as the price. Will you have to pay monthly maintenance? How much and what does it include? Is it in a flood zone that requires additional insurance? How much do you pay taxes in that place?


Think of the present, and of the future too. Your purchase should not be thought to sell in one or two years. To make a profit, you should wait a while, so make sure the house has the minimum space you need.


Sometimes it is not the size but the distribution of space that makes a buyer fall in love. Think about what is the first thing you see when you open the door, if the main bedroom is very isolated from the children’s room and these are very small, or if you have to go through the kitchen to reach the living room.

Room for Furniture

Take a measuring tape with you to take action if you have questions or your agent can provide you with one. Usually you will take your furniture to the new house, and it is a bad indicator that you have to leave some of it because there is no place. Remember that it will be your permanent home for a good time, if you love it, but nothing fits, keep looking at the alternatives.

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Check how close or far you are to your job, ways of access and how busy traffic is, in addition, the nearby schools, shops and hospitals. Driving hours daily until your work is exhausting and you will lose valuable time that you can take advantage of at home.

How the house looks!

Does it look solid, like new or worn? Evaluate the mandatory repairs you will have to do and the cost, for this you should look for a professional.

Storage Space

If you have moved several times, you will have been surprised by the amount of things that are accumulating in the house. Although one swears not to save so much, history repeats itself and in your own house, it is best to have enough area to store what you do not use. Otherwise, you will feel like your space is getting smaller and smaller.

Home Inspection

It is vital to have a professional inspection, but when you have not decided on a home, doing it in each one is very expensive. Therefore, use your judgment when you give the first look at a house, and when you decide to buy, hire a professional home inspection service.

First evaluate yourself how you see the ceiling with the naked eye, leaks or cracks in the walls, floor conditions, pipes that are broken, patio, doors, windows, bathrooms and kitchen, cabinets, among others.


If you dream of living in the countryside, and the houses you’ve seen are in the middle of the city, you know you should keep looking. If you have small children and the house you find is in the middle of a busy street, think twice if there will be a lot of noise in the house and if your will children have play area.

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