Things To Check In An Apartment Before Buying

There is no longer any doubt among buyers about the importance of doing a professional inspection. Doing this alone will cost you a few hundred dollars, which is nothing if you compare them to the thousands your property will cost you. Although it adds a few expenses to the purchase, it is as if it gave you millions as far as mental tranquility is concerned.

There are other cases where this step is overlooked, including cash purchases, and many decide not to do so. If this is your case, and being aware that nothing replaces the professional, this guide will help you know the basics that should be checked on all properties before buying;

Roof Condition

This is one of the aspects that suffer most and deteriorates over time, especially in the places where there is frequent snow or heavy rainfall. The longer you build the house, the more likely it will be asking for the repairs, unless the previous owners have done so. If, at first glance, you notice the damage or see leaks in the house, do not hesitate to check it twice. Call an expert and keep in mind that these arrangements are quite expensive generally.

Condition of Walls

In the time of recent crisis that we had in the real estate industry, it became customary for many homeowners to make large gaps in the interior walls, taking advantage of the fact that they are not made in cement. Depending on the severity, many of them made the property which does not qualify for mortgage loans.

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Some may be purely cosmetic, and only cover the house, arranging with very little money, but others are more severe. Another element that affects the walls are the cracks, in some cases, superficial and the product of the humidity or the strong heat. But beware, you have to check and make sure they do not affect the structure.

Damaged Equipment

For professional inspection, electricity and water should be connected if the property does not have them installed. But if you do not do the inspection and do not connect those services, you could receive surprises when you already have water and light. Among the most common are the household appliances such as refrigerator, stove or washing machine that do not work, or worse the air conditioning system, which is a major expense if you have to change it.

Flooding by faulty water faucets or pipe problems is also common. Ask if the appliances have warranties and at least check the pipes to see if they look good and if there are water debris or stains in cabinets that demonstrate leakage.

Floors, Doors and Windows

In this respect, the aesthetic may be secondary. This is about your safety and of your family. It is easy to notice a broken door or window. Take into account that you will need to change before you move, and write it down in your budget.

As for floors, it is common to have to change the carpets. If you see them in poor condition, take note because they may not have an arrangement. The cost varies depending on the quality you choose, but you can also consider other options such as wood or ceramic tiles depending on your budget. If the property already has the latter, check if there is a broken piece or while you walk, you feel your footprint hollow and you hear some strange sound. It could be an indication that they need repair or are poorly installed.

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