The Benefits of Using Custom Ear Plugs

Every single ear is different and unique, almost like a fingerprint. This revelation is not merely idle; it actually serves a very valuable purpose when it comes to understanding custom ear plugs. Ear plugs are designed to block the entrance to the inner ear, thus denying loud sounds and foreign objects access to the sensitive inner workings of the human ear, but how can a company selling universal fit ear plugs hope to effectively protect every single consumer? The answer is that they simply cannot hope to effectively protect consumers with universal ear plugs, but some protection is better than no protection. Custom ear plugs up the ante by offering nearly complete protection.

To understand the value of custom ear plugs, one needs to return to the revelation that their ears are truly unique in shape. Despite being unique physically, the inner workings of the average ear are essentially the same, and are prone to any number of problems that can be caused by frequent exposure to loud noises or foreign objects. Both the noise and the foreign objects can enter the ear via the uniquely shaped auditory canal that one cleans wax out of on a routine basis. The wax is actually a natural defense and anyone who has a large amount of wax is actually seeing the body’s attempt to self-seal the auditory canal.

Regular ear plugs and custom ear plugs both fit into the opening of the auditory canal, which itself is a long tunnel designed to prevent access to the delicate inner workings of the human ear. The only difference is that custom ear plugs do a far greater job of sealing this area off than regular ear plugs can, and the result is that less sound and foreign matter can enter. This increases the efficacy of the body’s natural defenses substantially and the result is lower unilateral hearing loss and reduced risk of infection to the inner ear.

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Hearing loss can happen so gradually that some are not even aware that it is happening to them. While regular ear plugs can slow this hearing loss to a degree, their efficacy is probably less than custom ear plugs that are well fitted. There are few empirical studies that prove this unequivocally, however, the logic is sound, if one can forgive the pun. Custom ear plugs may not be able to completely remove the risk of hearing loss due to overexposure to loud noises, but they can certainly slow it down substantially.

The same holds true for exposure to foreign objects. Some objects may be able to permeate custom ear plugs or pass through between them and skin, but this would seem to be extremely rare compared to the risk of using normal ear plugs or going without hearing protection. For more details about ear plugs.