Overview of the Range of Howard Leight Ear Plugs

Howard Leight ear plugs are ear protections which are commonly worn in noisy environments. They are designed to provide you with a great ear protection against any unwanted noise. They are outstanding devices for your comfort and convenience.

These ear plugs have been designed to provide you an excellent value of ear protection with great noise-canceling. In addition, these products are also manufactured to provide you with great performance at more affordable price. They come to you with compact and foldable design so that it is convenient to store. Also, it will be much easier for you to carry.

There are some other benefits which you can take from Howard Leight ear plugs. The amplification of these products is designed to be crisp and clear even at the highest setting. They are designed to provide you comfort with slim profile so that they don’t interfere the cheek weld. Typical features which you will take from these ear plugs include the auto-shut off and external audio plug which allows you to listen to music.

These are available in a lot of options. The following are some of the options which you can choose from. They come with different features so that you have to better examine for the right unit for your need. One of the most crucial things to consider is the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).

North Howard Leight Ear Plug

One of the options of Howard Leight ear plugs you can take into your consideration is North Howard Leight Ear Plug. It is available in red and black color. This is designed especially for prolonged use. This is a flexible ear plug which allows you to have three different positions. This is a lightweight ear plug with the weight of only 6 oz.

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Furthermore, this type of Howard Leight ear plugs is able to provide you an excellent protection in any environments. In addition, this ear plug is enabled with high visibility red cups and also a black band. In addition, this is also equipped with adjustable crown strap which is able to offer you a secure fit to wear behind your head and even under the chain.

North Peltor Rapid Ear Plug

If you need another option of Howard Leight ear plugs, you could consider North Peltor Rapid ear plug. It comes to you with the combination of AM/FM radio with the hearing protection. It is designed to be lightweight so that it will be comfortable to use. This adjustable ear plug will be ideal to provide you all-day protection. For ensuring you the great quality, this has been tested to ANSI S3.19-1974.

Its features offer slim line cup design, wide ear cushions which will fit any ear size, and also headband height adjustments. It also combines on/off and volume control and antenna with high reception sensitivity. This is powered by two AA batteries which is able to last of up to 180 hours of operation. It will be another beneficial feature for you to consider.