What Are The Top Car Wax Brands?

The market is full of different kinds of car waxes and applicators. There are different ways in which the car wax is applied, and hence there are different effects that one gets to witness. Comparing the features of different car waxes will help you in purchasing the right one for you. Here I will compare the different features of the car waxes.

How often should car waxing be done?

Weather conditions of the locations where you live and use the car actually decide the frequency of the waxing. If you are living in the zone which has maximum sunlight you’re your car is exposed to the same most of the time, you should get the waxing done frequently so as to keep the car color intact. Also extreme winter, snowfall, frost can have a bad effect on the paint and one should get it done frequently there too.

Let’s look at some of the common car waxes which are used by the customers frequently.

One of the waxes which is the most acclaimed, reliable, offers great results and is easy to apply and use is Carnauba Wax. It is one of the oldest car waxes used by the car enthusiast for a long time now. It is a natural wax made from plants and it comes as a paste. It does not last for a very long time and one needs to get it redone after every 8-10 weeks.

What are the top car wax brands?

There are 3 top car wax brands you can find on the market.

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1 – Meguiar’s

It offers a range of products in car care. These are made by doing a proper mix of carnauba wax and the synthetic wax. This wax is more durable as compared to the carnauba wax and offers great effect. This is one of the best car waxes for the cars with darker shades.

2 – Turtle

Turtle is another brand which offers car care products. It offers a range of car waxes which are very popular amongst the users. These are durable offer great effect and can be easily applied, removed and reapplied. These are priced reasonably and hence are often in great demand.

3 – Chemical Guys

In order to provide great protection against the UV rays and sunlight, a range of products have been offered by the brand named Chemical Guys which is pretty popular among the car enthusiasts