Exhibition – The Best Way To Spread The Word About You Work

The exhibition gives a halo of prestige and validation for the artist that, let’s be honest, may not be obtained easily in the social networks. And if it is a retrospective in a national museum or say it is the collaborative dream of more than one artist. Probably the only artists who disdain these lavish tributes in which the cultural world surrenders to their feet are those who have not yet had them.

Arranging an exhibition for an artist is like the Nobel Prize; if I have not won it, I question its validity, I make fun of it, and I turn my back on it. But if you grant me, I will stumble to Stockholm and spread my gracious hand to receive the generous check.

Frankly, I think the most important thing about exposing your art work is to learn and evolve as an artist. Every activity tending to organize an exhibition confronts us with new challenges, and we must develop new skills and open us to a broader human nucleus from which we can grow artistically, humanly and spiritually.

For your exhibition, you must choose your best works. This theme gives for an entire book, if not for an entire encyclopedia. It can be synthesized that, when making an exhibition, there is a large art work collection where there is a process of elimination. It is an art in itself.

Sometimes you are the same curator of your work (judge and part, they say), but you can also cure the work of other assists, a frankly interesting and sobering work, but when you heal the work of another, you have to learn that there will always be someone dissatisfied with your choices, however, there is no remedy. It is important to learn to have arguments like ‘not that your work is bad, it is that it is not yet your moment’, ‘Your work I loved, but I had to limit myself to five per artist.’ and many similar things. In short, you will have to learn the fine art of diplomacy if you do not want your first job as an editor to end up with your already scarce friendships.

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And if you are going to select your own work, it is time to wish you the best of luck. There is nothing more difficult, let me repeat it and emphasize it, there is nothing more difficult than selecting your own work. So strong is the emotional and anecdotal load that is hidden in each of your photos that it is a superhuman feat to choose what your best work is to display in the exhibition.