Essential SEO for Better User Experience & Ranking

There is much talk about the importance of Search Engine Optimization but many people do not have very clear ideas what it is and how it works and why we must devote to it and apply. That is why today I bring you a summary of the main points to consider about SEO.

SEO refers to those steps and strategies that a webmaster should apply to improve the position in a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

  • SEO = More visitors to your website
  • SEO = New Readers
  • SEO = More opportunities

Let’s see the Search Engine Optimization analysis for clearer understanding.

Write for People

Generate the content what people want, considering yourself as a web surfer, so put yourself in their shoes. If you were to find the item you are about to write to post on your website, focus the keywords a user will type and use keyword tools as well.

Compare the Available Data

Open the first 3 articles in Google Search and compare. Look at things like the number of words, the quality of the pictures and the variety of content. Check if is extensive article with great pictures and videos in top position and attractive features and decide the layout of your content.

How to Use Keywords?

Some time ago, I used to fill a post with keywords to rank better and attract more visitors. Now everything has changed. If you do so, you will not be able to pay attention to the creation of high quality content and will not ranker either. While keywords are still important, you have to use them with discretion. The organic content is best. Use the keywords in the tags to your photos, titles, in the text and description of your article.

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Natural and Organic Content

At this time everybody has Google from to generate traffic to website. It is important that you take care to create, as mentioned above, the quality and original content, which reflects your unique style. If possible, you should use your own photos, own videos, or incorporate material from others always quoting the source or by creating links. Google prefers your content and does not like it to be repeated elsewhere.

Number of Words and Internal Links

It is said that the minimum recommended amount of words to create a good post from SEO point of view is 500 words and anything less is considered as a poor article. Over 500 words is even better. If possible, place valid and consistent internal links to the topic you are talking about every 250 words. Internal links should be to improve the user experience, and lower the bounce.

Links and Titles

Always use descriptive titles according to content, otherwise Google will consider it spam. Remember to think like your readers or users of the network at the time of writing a title. Edit the links when the titles are too long, and generate an alternative description for your webpage. In editing the title, you need not use the same words in the title itself.

I hope these basic SEO have served you for more clarity on the SEO aspect, because it is always important to consider the basics how to apply the techniques. For effective and faster result hire search engine ranking services professional.

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