Can You Get Hurt on a Bounce House? A Bounce House Injury Lawyer Explains

Is it possible for you or your child to get hurt on a bounce house? The answer is obviously yes, but the likelihood of this happening is probably more than you might think! There are numerous rules and restrictions associated with renting out a bounce house to someone who wants to use it for whatever the occasion may be.

In the case of a bounce house accident, the person reliable is always the bounce house company; if you rent a bounce house for your child’s party and someone gets hurt on it, the fault is not yours. Many people get this confused and think if they do something about the injury, like hire a bounce house injury lawyer, they will be the ones who have to pay. Well, this is not true. 

There are many different rules that the bounce house company needs to follow to avoid and lessen the likelihood of an injury. Most bounce house companies do not follow the legal guidelines and put many peoples’ lives in danger. Below we will list some of the important rules that need to be followed by the bounce house company to ensure everyone’s safety:

  1. You must have a bounce house company employee at the scene of where the bounce house is at all times it is in use. This is so they can police how many people go in at once, that they don’t bounce dangerously, and so on.
  2. You must have an anemometer to measure the wind speeds at all times. Let’s say it’s an extremely windy day and the bounce house starts getting unhinged from the ground where it is anchored; this is a prime example of danger waiting to happen. The wind can not only unbalance the people in the bounce house it can also unbalance the bounce house itself! I’m sure your imagination can think of many different ways this can lead to danger and it is very true. This happens all the time when the wind is not monitored and people are bouncing like crazy in the inflatable device.
  3. You must have the bounce house anchored at specific points and a certain number of them. If this is not done at all or done properly, an unhinged bounce house will do more than just ruin your party; it will create many injuries you never thought would happen at your house! Please be safe and make sure this is done properly, as it is one of the most important rules than needs to be abided by. 
  4. You must not allow more than the designated amount of people in the bounce house at once. Even when you want to get in there and join in on the fun with your friends, it’s not worth doing so if there are already too many people inside. Just wait until your friends come out or someone else exits the device before you make any sudden moves. You can tell your children this rule but chances are they will just forget; this is another reason why a bounce house employee should be watching at all times.

In conclusion, it’s very important to hire an experienced, licensed and insured bounce house company in case anything might happen. You don’t want to be left without coverage and without an employee at the scene of the inflatable. Do yourself a favor and check these boxes before paying a hefty dollar to rent out one of these devices for whatever the occasion may be! Thank you for reading our post and please be sure to share this with anyone you might know who is going to be renting a bounce house. 

Source: Bounce House Accidents

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