7 Tips to Use Essential Oils Correctly for Bath

Aromatherapy is based on the use of essential oils of plants to achieve a physical and mental well-being, so if you want to relax at the time of bath, you should not miss the essential oils in your bathroom.

When you go to buy essential oils, you must choose the best quality. Remember that in some cases, cheap actually costs you expensive, and this is one of those cases; these oils are expensive because you have to use a lot of plants for the production of a small bottle. At the time of buying, you can orientate by the prices, but by that I do not mean that you must buy the most expensive ones.

Care must be taken in the use of essential oils, and you must use small amounts and you should not use more than indicated, since in excess the beneficial effect disappears to give a negative effect, for example, the mint in excess could cause nausea, and the other thing is that if you are pregnant, you may suffer from hypertension, epilepsy or other ailment, so you should not use it unless your doctor recommends it.

The essential oils should not be placed in the bathtub without water, but you must place them once the water has reached the desired limit.

You should know that the average time that the oils remain on the skin is about 5 hours, depending on what you ingest, for example, alcoholic or caffeinated beverages are not recommended as they affect the permanence of the same in the body.

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Although a massage before bathing is highly recommended but this should not be done using aromatherapy, as water would cause the effect of oils used for massage to be lost.

It is good that the place or bathroom that we choose to give us the bath with aromatherapy is closed, as this will help that the odors are concentrated in the place.

If you buy essential oils, you should know that you should use them in a time no longer than 6 months. They should be in dark glass bottles, away from sunlight and in a cool place.

As mentioned above, the excess of essential oils in our body is not good. Hot water helps to absorb it more easily, so it is not good to bathe with very hot water and at the same time to put oils.

An extra trick is that if your skin is sensitive, you can mix the oils in a little milk before placing them in the water, as in this way the milk will be the emulsifying factor between water and oils.

I hope these tips will help you get the best out of high quality oils you buy or go out and buy a couple of oils to relax every time you bathe.