Applications of 4 Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

If you choose your flavorings for the reason that it smells good, maybe you should understand a little more about how they work. When you use a natural oil, and more if it is an essential oil, the volatile substances of that oil can modify your health and emotions. In this post, we will see the applications of essential oils.

1 – Tea Tree Oil

It is a powerful antiseptic and fungicide. It is used externally to keep wounds clean and to fight against acne, insect bites, fungus and other skin conditions. Its essential oil can aromatize closed environments and eliminate germs at high speed. It can be used to clean almost any surface, creating an astringent environment. Therapy with tea tree oil can help fight bacteria, fungi and viruses and strengthen the immune system. In hair, it is an excellent remedy against dandruff and dryness.

2 – Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a revitalizing and powerful astringent. It helps relieve symptoms of respiratory illnesses such as coughs and colds. It also helps in relieving stomach inflammation caused by poor digestion.

It opens the pores and removes toxins, serves as an ally to combat constipation, combined with castor oil. When applied to the legs, it improves blood circulation and combats fluid retention. It also accelerates the healing of muscular affections.


Use cinnamon oils in your shampoo or cologne to wake you up in the morning, avoid heaviness and improve your communicative skills.

3 – Lemon

This essential oil has antiseptic and alkaline properties. It helps to combat the excess of acidity, both in the skin and in the digestive tract, thus, it protects against ulcers, reflux, gastritis and other conditions. It can also be used in massages to relieve arthritis and rheumatoid problems. It helps the health of the liver, so it improves mental acuity, vision and nail health.

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It also serves as an insect repellent and activates the immune system. One precaution that should be used is the direct application on the skin in sun exposure, because it causes stains. If you use lemon essential oil for aromatherapy, be sure to do it indoors in the shade, or at night.

4 – Sage

It has extraordinary calming properties. It also alkalizes the blood and stimulates the elimination of toxins. It is healthy for the stomach, circulation and kidneys. It helps to fight stress, to fall asleep and to keep the head cold during periods of tension. It is a supplement in fasting and cooking therapies used to aid in the digestion of heavy foods.

For the best effects, always prefer buying products from the best essential oil companies.