Tips to Use 6 Essential Oils Holistically

Essential oils that are extracted from plants are the soul of plants, carrying the essential healing powers of plants. Used medicinally, ritualistically and sacred from biblical times, today they are the center of holistic healing techniques including aromatherapy of sciences like Yoga and Ayurveda have reached modern homes to cure evils such as colds to calm the mind and the spirit. Today, the extraction procedure of essential oils has advanced so well which has ultimately enhanced the quality of essential oils.

1 – Cassia

Cassia, or cinnamon, is one of the oldest spices and was used as a sacred anointing oil, and cassia incense burned daily in the temples. It is currently used for its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties and to strengthen the immune system.

2 – Lavender

It is one of the aromas most aided by its many benefits. It is relaxing and analgesic and accelerates wound healing on the skin. It is suitable in the home and outdoors because it is an insect repellent too. It is also an ideal ingredient for homemade shampoo. In difficult times, it helps the mood to find comfort and wisdom. Lavender is also used as an alternative treatment for sinusitis.

3 – Eucalyptus

It has a refreshing and invigorating power, beneficial for the whole respiratory system. It relieves nasal congestion and some symptoms of the common cold. It is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. You can boil eucalyptus leaves or half a teaspoon of balm in a cup of water and breathe their vapors to relieve fever and sore throat.

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4 – Incense

No wonder that this was when from the offerings of the Three Kings to the Child Jesus, since this oil represents the divinity. At present, it is used as an expectorant to stimulate the immune system, combat depression, relieve nervous tension and with mental fatigue. Its fragrance promotes spiritual awareness and meditation.

5 – Galbanum

Incenses in ancient times included spices or perfumes with delicious fragrances, but the unique touch was given by the deep scent of galbanum. Today, it is used against acne, abscesses, asthma, chronic cough, cramps, indigestion, muscle aches, scars, wrinkles and wounds.

As it relates to mind and spirit, it is used for emotional balance and relieve nervous tension. Galbanum is also known as ritualistic or sacrificial oil, lifting the energy of the wearer, letting go of old ideas and concepts and creating a place for the new.

6 – Myrtle

To the Hebrews of biblical times, myrtle symbolized peace and justice. Today, it is used to cure cough and congestion in children by relieving the respiratory system and acting as a decongestant. It is also very good for relieving flu and cold symptoms. At the energy level, it helps to control and release anger and frustration by balancing energy with calmness and raising the general sense of harmony.