Proctoring: How Can It Be Beneficial for Your Growth?

Different trends are emerging and businessmen are leaving no stone unturned to grab them. It is all about how you do things and what you expect from them. Being a businessman it gets tricky to take every decision. You have to be prudent about everything from the wrapping of your products to the affectivity of your employees. You always have to be on your toes to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Now the enhanced prevalence of digital exams has raised the concept of remote proctoring. More and more institutions are tending towards proctoring concepts. The idea of conducting a test right from your campus and the candidate take the test from their respective places is on rise. Certainly it is something that gets benefits to both the test taker and the administration of the business. Neither you nor the candidates have to do additional tasks. These systems have made the examination easy to conduct and take. There are some clear factors that show you should opt for remote or distant proctoring. Have a peep below:

Independence related to location

This type of proctoring can be implemented in a variety of conditions like digital exam venues, lecture spaces where candidates use their own laptops, computer practical labs, and at residence on candidate’s own computers.  Even if you have some candidates from another state taking your test, you can be sure about the safety of their test. You can be sure that they have taken the test with truthfulness. In this way, there would be no need to visit the campus for the test. It saves a lot of time, money and most importantly effort.

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Multiple Alternatives

The proctoring system caters the following options:

The proctoring system offers the following options:

  • Audio and video surveillance by making use a webcam and a mobile phone camera.
  • screenshot technology;
  • Live proctoring at the time of exams. I these tests invigilators view the images live remotely, and they share an alert in the event of any communication or double-dealing).
  • Proper video recordings of the tests.

Remember it is always depends on you what you wish to have. You can be as specific in your choices as you wish to be. Whether you want to go for live, recording or any other type of proctoring system; you can take a decision. After all, at the end of the day these are the means that make it possible for you to conduct tests from anywhere.

The candidates who sit for the test have to download the software or tool or application onto the laptop or desktop that will be used for the general performance. Once the candidate start with the examination, the application evaluates his/her computer and webcam and a lockdown device gets used to avert him/her from opening any kind of web browsers. The applicant has to confirm his/her originality by one of the diverse methods that are needed by the application. Maybe few may want the candidate to show evidence of identity to camera; some others make use of facial recognition tool to confirm the individuality of a candidate. Different other advanced technology are also there that get used to further confirm the uniqueness  of the candidate by instructing him/her to type a specific quote, phrase and then analyzing the keystrokes with previously submitted samples. Whatever the method or technique active, after confirming the identity of the candidate, the application wants from the candidate to show around the area or room where the test is taking place to make sure that there is nobody else therein to assist him in the test.

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Live Proctoring

In this realm of proctoring, qualified proctor monitors the candidate as he/she is giving the test via live audio and video feeds. The proctors are experienced in making sure the authenticity of the candidate and search for any type of red flags such as hesitant eye or facial movements or simply the look of any unconfirmed device that may showcase cheating. In case any type of suspicious circumstances comes into existence, the proctor can either shutdown the test or simply notify the candidate of the prohibited activity. Such a way of proctoring permits the proctor to screen and supervise up to thirty two candidates at a time. Such a number is a standardized number. Both the applicants and proctor can be in any place as long as they both have access to the internet. So, you can make use of this method to take test for your recruitment in the company.

Recorded Concept

Absolutely different from the live proctoring, the recorded proctoring records the activities of the applicant at the time of exam.  It is then played back by a proctor at the swift speed to look for any unsure behavior or occurrence during the time of the test. This type of proctoring has a benefit in that it would require no scheduling since the applicant can take the test at any time that is convenient to him/her. But since this too demands human interference for reviewing the recording, it might be somewhat expensive and challenging to scale. However, the decision rests always with the authority.

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The Most Advanced Tools

There are advanced tools too that can make your proctoring many more times effective, quick and efficient. It is the most progressive kind of proctoring and needs no manual intervention. It is a form of proctoring that records the activities of the aspirants and also monitoring the feed for any form of red flags that might show malpractice. For this, it makes usage of unconventional audio and video analytics. It is the most inexpensive of all proctoring systems because it eradicates the requirement for manual intervention and is scalable for the same reason. You can look into different types of tools that help you in proctoring and you can conduct a test with utmost safety and accuracy.

Thus, proctoring is one such thing that you should not neglect. The trend of proctoring is getting embraced by businessmen and make sure you don’t skip it.