Yoga Burn for Women Review – Is It Really a Unique Yoga Program or Just Zoe Bray-Cotton Scam?

Yoga Burn is a workout program based on yoga that has been specially designed for women who seek good health and want to get back into shape. Dynamic Sequencing is what Yoga Burn is based on, which is basically a method of teaching you how to perform the yoga poses in the correct way in order for your body to be firmed and shaped accordingly. This workout program has been broken down into three phases in which you will be able to challenge your body and yourself. Yoga Burn can be used by women, no matter what fitness level they are at, be it advanced or beginner. With the help of dynamic sequencing you will know how to apply the poses and how you can incorporate them into further challenging workouts.

This program spans over 12 weeks so that your body can be toned and firmed along with losing any weight and increasing your flexibility. Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise which is why most people are eager to try out this program. It is highly effective and Yoga Burn is one of the best ways of achieving your fitness goals.

The three principle phases last a total of four weeks each. This way the 12 week long program is able to properly target key components such as strength, weight loss, stress and flexibility. This program is available in the video format which can be downloaded directly onto your device or computer at your ease. You can also choose the option of buying the physical DVD which will be delivered to you right at your doorstep.

Understanding the Yoga Burn for Women Program

This workout program is one of the best ways to work out and drop some weight while also giving your body a toned look. Yoga is a highly effective tool of losing weight while also gaining other health advantages. You will be able to sleep properly, increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles and tone them, have improved performance in athletics, better circulation and stable mood.

Yoga Burn comprises of three workouts in every phase. In this program you will have a collection of nine videos as well as any added bonuses. Each of these phases is supposed to last four weeks. It is best to complete all three of these workouts in each weekly phase as well as the bonus Tranquility Flow that will be included too. Considering this, you will have four days of yoga in a week. With each workout being fifteen minutes long and repeating twice, they will last about forty-five minutes each.

First Phase: This is called the Foundational Flow phase. This phase works as the foundation for the whole program because it is the first one. In this one you will get your basic introduction to yoga poses and how can perform them in the correct manner. You will be taught by Zoe, who will show you each pose individually and how you can string them together in order to get a flow for your workout. Even though this is the beginning, it is paced quite fast so that your metabolism gets a boost in the process. This workout will also help you learn how to breathe in the right way. In this phase, you will learn how to master your form in the yoga poses, how you can properly advance through and gain progress and how you can control your body’s core.

Second Phase: This is called the Transitional Flow phase. This phase teaches you how to transition from one pose to another and how you can get the correct sequence. This phase teaches you how to amalgamate all the poses from the first phase and how they can be mixed up. Learning the most beneficial combinations is the best way to ensure that the highest possible amounts of calories are burnt during your workout.

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Third Phase: The last phase is known as the Mastery Flow phase. In this phase, Zoe will be teaching you how you can combine all that you learned from the first two phases and then use this skill in order to turn your workout into a workout that will have high power and will have some noticeable effect on toning your body and helping you lose weight. By the end of this, you will be able to perform yoga poses and workouts that will rapidly burn excess fats and target specific parts of your body. In the final phase you will be able to completely transform your figure while also making it firm, boosting your metabolic rate and targeting your muscles to make them lean and firm in order to give you the toned look you wish for.

Besides these three phases, Yoga Burn also comes with a set of bonus in order to improve your experience of doing yoga. You can use these at any time during your twelve weeks.

First Bonus: also known as the Tranquility Flow bonus. This is a fifteen minute long workout that is based on the principle of yoga as a mode of restoration. With this particular session, the yoga will serve as a method of relaxation and will make it easier for you to stretch your body. This program teaches you how to get the proper posture while doing simple actions such as sitting and walking. Zoe teaches you how you can relax the muscles in your body and de-stress yourself after a workout.

Second Bonus: This is called the Beginner Flow bonus. This is forty-five minutes in length which is best for those in the initial stages of their yoga development. It is ideal for them because it is slower than the rest of the videos and the poses that are shown in it are basic. This workout also includes a session for relaxation.

Third Bonus: This is the Pose Tutorials bonus. Because she has dealt with many clients, Zoe knows that there are many people who are very new to yoga and are not familiar with even the most basic steps. This bonus is specially designed for such people as with this they will be able to see the poses in a step by step way. There is a total of twenty-one tutorials in which you will be instructed on the most fundamental steps in yoga. People who are concerned that their form is not adequate will benefit greatly with giving this bonus instruction guide a look.

If you are pregnant with a child, you can still use this program. You should also take advantage of the bonus sessions because they are more gradual in their pace and have a more relaxing effect. Yoga Burn also allows you to alter the program according to your preference. You can also use this program after giving birth in order to get back into shape after labor.

You should not be worried about whether the workouts are too easy or very difficult. The best thing about this program is that all of the workouts can be changed in order to be as easy or difficult to suit your choice.

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About Zoe Bray-Cotton – The Author of Yoga Burn for Women

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the creator of the Yoga Burn fitness program. Bray-Cotton works as a yoga instructor, a personal trainer and is an expert on female body transformation. While working with people as their personal trainer, Zoe found ways to include yoga into their regime in order to transform their bodies. Bray-Cotton has more than ten years of experience in instructing people on the various styles of yoga in studios in North America. Zoe’s credibility as a yoga expert is reassuring enough for anyone considering buying her workout program for women. Her work as an instructor is why she was able to make this program simple to understand and even easier to follow along. This way even people who are trying out yoga for the first time will be able to follow this program without any difficulty.

Zoe Bray-Cotton has created this program especially for women so that they will have access to the right information and programs in order to glean the best results from their yoga ventures. Yoga is the mode of choice because it is a generally milder form of exercise so that people who have suffered from some illness or injury can do this.

Zoe is proud of Yoga Burn because according to her, it fits anybody’s unique needs. She is aware that most classes do not offer any help for individual preferences, aims and capacity. These classes tend be slightly ineffective for most people attending them. The program also helps users to relax and reduces stress levels. Zoe says that going to the typical yoga class is known to have raised the levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is the hormone that is responsible for the levels of stress and when its levels are high then the body is capable to store greater amounts of fat.

Advantages of using Yoga Burn

This program is good for people no matter what fitness level they are at. If you are a beginner, you will be able to learn and if you are at the advanced level then you will be gaining further progress. This program is surprisingly good for beginners because the steps and instructions are easy to follow along and are clearly spelt out so there is no confusion. Yoga Burn also teaches you how to breathe in the right way while posing and shifting your poses.

This program does not put any burden on your schedule either as it is quite time efficient. Yoga Burn only requires three 45 minute sessions in a week. It is also reasonable priced. It does not cost a lot and is far cheaper than taking classes at a yoga studio or any other available workout program. It is even cheaper if you buy the second option to share with an acquaintance. Another benefit of this program is that you can return it and get your money back in sixty days if you are no satisfied with it. Lastly, you can work out at a pace that will be decided by you. You can do it easily in your house and at whatever pace suits you best.

The problem is that this yoga program is not necessarily good for just anyone. People who seek a workout program with great intensity will not be pleased by this program. Secondly, the results of this program are not fail-safe. They are different from person to person and for some people it may be a quite a while before results start showing up.

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The verdict stands to say that this yoga-based program is excellent in many aspects and the creator of it is also a well-experienced woman who knows all the right ways to tone your body and help you lose weight. If you wish to make yoga a part of your health regime then this program is highly recommended to you. You must try out this program and even if it does not meet your expectations then you will get a complete refund. This program is your shot at getting a firm and shaped body and losing weight. It helps you to get healthy and also has a positive effect on your mental health.
Most people are very conscious of the fact that there is a great amount of fake products available that target men and women who simply wish to lose a little weight and get back into shape. The vast quantity of bad and ineffective products and programs make people very dubious when even considering such things. It is true, losing weight is extremely difficult. A product like Yoga Burn makes people very doubtful as they think it sounds far too promising to have any true effect.

When buying this product, most customers think that it is just another conventional yoga program that is unleashed into the market every now and then to make some easy cash. This is not the case. Yoga Burn turned out to be a highly popular and well though-out program. It is new and unique in many ways. Even if you are well-acquainted with yoga there will be something new that this workout program has to offer you. The poses and form that are taught in it are unique and you will not be able to witness them elsewhere. If you are fully committed to this program then you will yourself notice that your body will be changing itself for the better.

It is important to remember that you must stay steadfast and committed to this program. Keep yourself motivated as it will take as long as twelve weeks. You will not have to worry about your money going to waste because this program offers a two month long money-back time period without any questions. If you are not happy with the results then you can easily return it.

Women who seek a healthy, fit and toned body would find it highly beneficial to purchase this yoga-based workout program. It is a better choice than going to a crowded gymnasium or studio and having to deal with inattentive instructors. This program caters to all types of people. With its marked effect on your physical and mental health, it is a must buy for anyone in search of a convenient method of getting into shape. It is step based so you will not have to worry about your pace. The creator has ensured that this program is easy to follow for anyone and the videos are very helpful and all the poses are clearly demonstrated. It is not hard to understand and you can use it anytime. This is why you should not hesitate, and just go out and get it now so that you can yourself witness the great effects of using this workout program.