What Is The Difference Between Car Polish And Car Waxing?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the use of car polish and car wax. A lot of people still ask for the best polish to protect their car and the best car wax to polish their car. To understand it in brief car polish and wax is two different things and are used for different purposes. Here I bring to you the details regarding the points of difference between the two. Let us begin by understanding what car wax is and why or how it helps the car?

Car wax is basically a natural product obtained from different sources. Some of the popular sources are plants, vegetables, insects and animals. However, wax possess a unique property wherein they are found to be insoluble in water and this is the property amongst several others which makes it ideal for use in protecting the car. Let’s look at some of the other properties of the car wax;

Car waxes generally have very high melting points close to 80-89 degrees and hence they will not melt when the car is exposed to direct sunlight for longer periods when out or when not parked in the shade. This quality of the wax makes it ideal for the protection of the car exteriors.

Natural car waxes like carnauba are generally very hard and are mixed with several solvents, colorants and silicone fluids make it softer and appropriate for the application.

Car waxing generally serves a dual purpose. They are used as a smoothing agent for providing a smooth finish to your car exteriors. Secondly they also do the filling work of the gaps and small scratches thereby preventing the paint from getting diminished in the long run. However, before the waxing process one should check for any rusting on the body of the car. If you find any get it treated first because it will otherwise affect the waxing process and the effectiveness.

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Recently companies have come up with a new range of car care products which includes the synthetic car wax. These are products which are a mixture of several other ingredients and are made to provide a similar effect as the natural wax in much lesser time and requires lesser care too. To know more about car wax, visit this page.

Now is the time to look at the features, properties and the usage of car polish.

Car polish basically flattens and provides uniformity for the fine top coat protection of the car paint, thereby allowing better light reflection and hence a better shining effect. They generally use abrasive action and come in various degree of abrasiveness to be used on different varieties of cars with different problems.

Polish works differently. Diminishing abrasives are what the modern polishes are made up of. These generally diminish on the application and the particles mix with body paint providing it a glossy look.

Polishing has a great look to the car. However, protection to the same is not provide under polishing and one has to look for another option to protect the polish.
This is where waxing or the modern synthetic waxes also known as the sealant come into the picture. These form a thin protective layer on the polish thereby retaining the glossy look for months.