5 Steps to Color Mandalas

Whether you are preparing for your first mandala for coloring or have already colored many, here I am are going to let you know how to color mandalas. Are you ready? So let’s start it.

Steps to Color Mandalas

There are some recommendations to keep in mind before starting the activity;

Coloring a mandala should always be a completely free activity.
Do not start a new mandala until you have finished the previous one.
Work in bright sunlight or in bright places.

Once clarified these basic recommendations, you are good to go to the following steps.

1 – Choose the Place to Color

You have to look for a quiet and isolated place as this will allow you to better access your feelings. Ideally, you always do it in the same place, giving it a special and intimate character. Try to color in a sunny room or with good lighting

It can be very relaxing to accompany the activity with music, as it will help you become more receptive to your internal rhythm, letting you get better of your intuition and coloring the forms according to your state of mind.

2 – Choose Mandala Design

The choice of design must be something personal, never something strict. At the beginning, you we must be guided by intuition and choose one that attracts your attention. To guide you in your choice, you can follow these tips;

If you are a beginner, choose the simpler one.
If you want to relieve stress or tiredness, choose the small figures.
If you want to elevate the mood choose circular shapes.

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You can get free printable pages online easily with simple search queries such as ‘free printable coloring pages’.

3 – Choose Colors

You decide now if we want to use crayons, waxes, watercolors, etc. Once this decision is made, you should have the range of colors on your table. You can first observe the drawing in white and leave a few minutes for this to fill it with colors in your mind.

It is important to be honest when choosing colors and let your feelings influence yourself, ignoring the sense of aesthetics. Only in this way, the final result will come from your subconscious.

4 – Color the Mandala

You start with the colors that attract you most and try not to think while you color, letting the color spread through the paper.

The eye, the hand and the subconscious will be the protagonists. If you want to show how you feel, you can start coloring from the inside towards the edges. If you want to focus, clear the mind, you can it from the outside in.

5 – Final Self-Reflection

Every colored mandala is perfect. When you are coloring it, you are already on the path of perfection. It is important to spend a few moments to observe your finished drawing to see it together with all its colors. This simple act of observation will transmit the energy of the mandala and all its beauty.

If you have already learned how to color mandalas, you can tell us how you felt and you can share your experience with us through the comments.

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