5 Valuable Benefits of Coloring Pages

Who said coloring is only for children? The famous psychologist Carl Jung was right when he began recommending mandalas coloring books to his psychiatric patients as part of his early 20th century therapy. Although as we grow, we tend to associate this act with kids, several studies have verified the great benefits that this activity has for us adults. Therefore, you must have probably noticed a new trend of a rise in the coloring books and pitiable coloring pages on internet. Here you will learn five benefits of coloring.

1 – Coloring is an aid in relieving stress and anxiety

This activity requires our selective concentration i.e. forces us to completely focus on our work of art to which according to experts, the body responds relaxing the amygdala, a basic part of our brain associated with controlling emotions and fear, lowering cortisol levels, appeasing nerves and regulating breathing and heartbeat.

2 – It allows fun while you develop your brain power.

In an era dominated by social networks, it is common that we go that little hour of free time checking account on Instagram. Coloring is a way of being in the present, without thinking about the problem that you cannot get out of your head and relax, but at the same time activating and developing regions of the brain associated with memory, vision, attention, creativity, coordination, concentration and of course, motor skills.

3 – Coloring helps in managing sleep problems.

The specialists recommend that coloring for about half an hour before bedtime has shown to help calm and relax our nervous system and lower levels of the anxiety or adrenaline that commonly strike when trying to sleep.

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4 – Connect and use both brain hemispheres.

Coloring is an activity that involves using both the logic of the left hemisphere to fill in different forms and creativity, the right hemisphere to mix and match the colors, making use of both sides of our brain while doing something inexpensive and also super fun.

5 – Lasting Happiness

You might think why you should draw when you can just eat a snack while enjoying your favorite TV show or go to the mall and buy a new pair of shoes as anti-stress methods.

If all the above reasons have not convinced you, psychological studies have proven that investing time and money in experiences that allow us to learn and create something such as art classes, travel or tickets for a concert, are associated with higher levels and lasting happiness that investing time in passive activities like watching television or going after the material objects which you actually do not need.