4 Most Used Tool in Surgery

There is no doubt that a surgery can never be completed if there are not the right tools in the use. Being a surgeon you must know about the different tools, so you can do better. Here is a list of the most used surgical instruments that you must know about.


You can also call it knife, which is mostly used. It comes in various sizes and shapes, and is used according the cut required. You may think this is harmful but with the right use it is used to save lives. It has stainless and sharp blades on one sides, sometimes these can be found on both sides also. The correct incision is must, so choosing the right kind of scalpel is the best option here. Every surgery has its own specifications, so the type and size of scalpel can be changed.

The minor surgery will require a very small one, while a bigger incision will require a sharper yet bigger in blade one. Considering this, they are made in different sizes and shapes also. The blades often come as detachable too, so they can provide more comfort while performing the surgery.

Surgical Staples

One can never forget about these, as if the scalpel is used to cut the skin, these are used to sew them back together. The skin or organ can be attached again together by the help of these, and once the skin or area heals they can be removed. The open wound or surgery can never be left open, even though the human body can cure itself, but with the help of these you can get extra comfort and less time to cure the area.

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This also saves the blood from leaking, it comes in various sizes which are used according to the requirement of the cut made. A liquid is applied before attaching them, so there can be no pain while they are attached.

Surgical Suture

Another very important tool which is very commonly used every time almost. They are used to reconnect eh tissues of the body, and are removed once they are connected, they are commonly used in baby birth incisions, as they can be easily removed after healing, and the part can be cut again. They are made from synthetic materials, so they can absorb better, they also stop the running blood and are used to heal and attach different layers of skin together at their original point.


It is common to get bleeding during the time of surgery, as it’s a natural response of body to bleed once a cut is made, in order to stop the blood from bleeding a hemostat is used, so no loss can be made to the body, sometimes making the body part bleed is impotent but for putting a stop on it this tool is used.

It is basically a clamp like tool that is used to hole the two cut pieces together tightly so there is no place for the blood to come from. It also helps minimize or to stop the natural flow of blood.