Major Characteristics of the G-Shock Watches by Casio

In Casio, they have once gone ahead designing what will undoubtedly be ‘the watch of the future’. All experts agree that the future is mobile and that everything will revolve around our mobile phones. So, why not merge your watch with your mobile. Wireless communication with Bluetooth v4.0 allows you to link the clock with your smartphone making your mobile life even more mobile and fun. The latest generation of Casio G-Shock watches allow you to link your watch to an iPhone with Bluetooth v4.0.

Casio has a new line of high resistance watches, ideal for lovers of adventure, pace of hectic life and those who never have the time. Introducing Casio’s G-Shock watch line, it is solidity and design in one product.

G-Shock has different characteristics according to each model, and each of them are in high demand. Among the most demanded ones are the following;

Casio SmartWatch which has resin strap or carbon fiber strap and solar charge. Hybrid GPS Wave Ceptor which has radio, altimeter, it is water resistant, mud and triple sensor resistant, LED lights, power consumption performance, impact resistant and mineral glass mica. It also corrects the time according to GPS system and provides the exact time anywhere in the world.

It is a high resistance watch designed with quality materials, but G-Shock from Casio has different models including G-Shock Basic, G-Shock Superior Series and G-Shock Styles Series.

New Technology

Styles G-Shock now comes with built-in Bluetooth. This breakthrough allows the Casio brand to enter the game of the new presentation of the Smartwatch. It is much more than a simple watch. It has new functions such as the following;

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It announces incoming calls.

It indicates new email entry.

You can find your cell phone with it. When you press a button on the clock, a sound indicates the location of your cell phone.

It warns when the cell phone link is lost.
It retrieves link automatically.
It sets the time of your phone and update the corresponding settings according to GPS.

Colors of the G-Shock

This is the fun part of choosing a Casio G-Shock watch, as you can have one for each day of the week, for special events and for occasions that require a certain formalism or just casual style.

Now you can find each model by series and we are sure that you will find a watch for you because it is really fascinating. There is everything for all as it has from intense colors like red, orange, white, green and camouflage to the classic colors such as black, dark blue, gray, metallic, and even color that you use in your jeans.