Little Rock Real Estate Market- The Best Land for Sale

Wanting to invest in a new home or land? Are you wanting the benefits of Southern comfort and hospitality, with the convenience of a gated suburban community? If so, then you have to check out Waterview Estates. When it comes to the Little Rock real estate market, we’ll look at the best land for sale in the area, and explain why Waterview is considered a true gem when it comes to all of the wonderful things that they have to offer.

What is Waterview?

Waterview Estates is a local native to the Little Rock, Arkansas area. It is located just northeast of a famous lake called Lake Maumelle, and they are literally only a short drive away from ‘The Rock’.  And the first thing you’re going to need in order to build your dream home is land. Their land lots can be purchased for very good prices, and they range anywhere from about .6 acres all the way to 5 acres of land (Just so you know a 5-acre property is about 217,800 square feet).

Not only that, but Waterview does have some homes for sale as well if building a home there isn’t your wildest dream.

How Many Lots are Available?

Waterview has numerous Little Rock, Arkansas lots for sale, and they’re one of the only areas in the river valley that has exceptional views of various scenic landmarks. The Arkansas River is just to the northeast, Lake Maumelle to the southwest, and to the north in the distance, you have great views of the mysterious Ozark Mountains.

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The lots for sale are separated into approximately four different sections, and Waterview has more than 30 lots for sale.

The Best Land for Sale

In the Little Rock real estate market, you want the best land available for sale. This doesn’t always mean you need to buy already cleared lots. As a matter of fact, the best way to customize the land that you buy is to buy the woodland area and have it cleared, which can also make room for your soil to be ready to create the perfect yard, makes landscaping easier, and should you want to maintain privacy, you can easily keep trees surrounding your property by picking and choosing which ones to clear. Not only this, but you also have the comfort of knowing that when you purchase a woodland lot, you also have a quiet place, and you can recycle much of the lumber, or even sell it to put towards your future goals for your property. Here is another best construction site visit the link and see the ANATOMY OF AN RFI IN CONSTRUCTION.


This article doesn’t include the listing of amenities that places like Waterview Estates has that make it a wonderful community. They have custom designed home projects to assist you in building a home on your newly purchased property. Not only that, but they have some of the best scenery available that can make you feel like you are in a cozy and quiet home even if you’re not in a home away from home.