Top 7 Basic Hot Weather Essentials for Men

It’s easy looking good in the fall. The number of options for layering is unlimited. On the other hand, when the temperature rises, feeling and dressing cool is quite a challenge. And now that the summer months are approaching, it’s time to get to know the basic hot weather essentials for men.

Surviving hot weather in the most comfortable manner is a priority. But so is looking stylish at the same time. If you agree with me, then you’ll love what I have in store for you below.

Basic Hot Weather Essentials for Men

#1 Cooling Underwear

Believe me when I say that the best men’s underwear for hot weather does exist. These types of undies act as your savior in the months of summer. The material they’re built using offers tons of breathability and moisture/sweat absorption.

What’s more is that underwear like this washes easily. And even dries very quickly! It’s a perfect travel companion if you ask me.

Your precious junk deserves some cooling action when it’s hot and sweaty down there. Because a swamp crotch is not such a pleasant picture or experience.

#2 Looser Fit

It’s only common sense to assume that tighter clothes make you feel hotter. And the only logical explanation to this is airflow.

When you wear loose clothing, it allows air to circulate in and out freely. Now I don’t mean you opt for 2-3 sizes larger than your normal size. Just one size up is good enough.

The best shirts for hot weather are styles that make room for breathability.  They allow you to relax and not worry about heat and sweat. Also, more often than not, such designs use lightweight fabrics for construction.

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#3 Sunglasses

Summer without sunglasses is certainly an incomplete season. But how do you find a style that suits the shape of your face the most? Here’s a foolproof solution.

Choose a classic frame such as the D-frame. It features a slightly round top and completely round bottom. Since it’s a classic design, the chances of messing up are impossible. That’s for sure.

You can opt for black or a lighter color like light brown. A pair of light brown sunglasses have the ability to really perk up your entire look.

#4 No-Show Socks

Wearing lightweight clothing for hot weather is something that might come to you naturally. But what’s not so obvious is ditching your regular pair of man socks. But that doesn’t mean going sockless. The sockless look does seem like a cool and effortless style. However, it’s also a little gross. No doubt about that!

So what you can do instead is put on no-show socks. But high-quality ones! The others just slip off or fall apart easily. But top quality no-show socks actually work in the summer.

#5 Lightweight Jacket

Typical weekends in the summer require seamless work-to-play transitions. What your “playtime” consists of doesn’t matter. You’ve just got to be well-prepared for a sunny, hot, and sometimes even humid day. Nights are relatively cooler though. Even so, heavier jackets are simply not suitable.

Switch to lighter and more breathable options. Nylon jackets or windbreakers are a great choice in my opinion.

#6 Shorts

By and large, men’s clothes for hot humid weather are shorts. But there’s a right way to select them. Just make sure the shorts fit properly without any discomfort or irritation. At the same time, they should allow your legs to breathe and remain cool. And obviously, the pair has to look casually stylish too.

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However, shorts are not the best men’s work clothes for hot humid weather. So in the day, you can go for lightweight chinos. They’re super comfortable AND breathable enough for the summer.

Since I’m talking about a shorter length, let me also include your haircut. I’m sure you know why shorter haircut styles are perfect for summer.

#7 Canvas Shoes

One of the most popular hot weather essentials for men is a pair of canvas shoes. These types of shoes tick each box when it comes to handling hot, humid weather.

The footwear is affordable, comfortable, and fashionable. It keeps the heat from getting trapped inside. And the best part about canvas shoes is that they look very stylish with practically all kinds of outfits.

Final Words

So these are some of the most useful basic hot weather essentials for men. You can obviously add more to the list based on your needs and preferences. Things like sunscreen, cap, lighter colors, linen shirts, cotton tees, slides for casual footwear, and on and on.

If you wish to share your list of essentials with us, please do so. The comments section would certainly appreciate it.

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