Your Complete Guide to Cycling As a Senior

Bicycling is one of those activities that take you back to simpler days when you were a child. It’s also a great way to get exercise, no matter how old you are. If running has become too hard on your knees and you still want to enjoy the outdoors, you may want to check out the best comfort bikes for seniors. Here are some tips for including cycling into your exercise routine. 

Guide to Cycling As a Senior

Talk to Your Doctor Before Getting Outfitted for a Bike 

Before you start any kind of exercise regimen, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor about precautions. If you have arthritis or chronic pain, your doctor may have some suggestions for you that will help keep you safe when you’re on the road. An electric bike is a great option if you have knee problems, but it won’t get you any cardio exercise. 

Get Good Equipment 

Look for bikes for seniors that are designed for comfort and city riding. An ergonomic bike lets you sit upright with good posture to reduce back pain. Check with your bike mechanic to make sure that your seat is at the right height and angle for riding. You don’t want to be uncomfortable. Wear a helmet to protect yourself in a fall. Plus, you’ll set a good example to the younger generation. You might also want to equip yourself with knee and elbow pads to protect vulnerable parts of your body. 

Start Out Right 

When you’re getting back on a bike as a senior, you probably want to stick to flat terrain. Get used to your bike before setting out on a mountain ride. Your local park trails are a good place to start. You may think that going slow will help you avoid an accident, but it’s better for your knees and ankles if you keep a steady pace. 

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Ride With Friends 

Don’t ride alone. It’s safer to ride with a group because you’ll be more visible on the road. Socializing has many health benefits, too. If your friends or family won’t ride with you, join a bike club. Meet new people and have the motivation to get out and ride. The best bikes for women are functional and fashionable, making you want to take your bike out on the road. 

Remember that Cycling Is Exercise 

Before getting on a bike, do some stretches to loosen up your muscles. Stay hydrated while you’re riding. Wear clothing appropriate for riding that will let you move but won’t get caught in the chain. You may need to eat a snack if you are planning a longer session. Don’t overdo it. After riding, treat yourself to a warm bath with Epsom salt. Get enough rest between rides so that you don’t become exhausted. 

Cycling Has Many Benefits

Seniors who cycle often have improved cholesterol levels and preserve their strength longer than others who don’t exercise. Exercise boosts your immune system. There’s evidence that cycling can improve cognitive function in the brain, delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and helping you stay mentally focused as you age. 

Shop today for a new bicycle. Many seniors enjoy bicycling with their friends and family.