SEO Consulting from the Top SEO Company in the USA

SEO Consultation is something that many people don’t realize is a crucial step in helping to get your website better search engine rankings on sites such as Google, Yahoo, and even MSN. When you’re thinking about purchasing SEO services from the top SEO company in the USA, you have to realize that you need to have an excellent quality consultation done first. Sometimes, SEO companies charged for these services, while others – such as Golden Gate SEO – offer these services completely free of charge. Let’s look at how to get SEO consulting from the top SEO company in the USA in this article and explain why you need it.  Alternatively, you can visit

Why is Consultation Important?

Without proper inspection and consultation of your website, an SEO company cannot give you accurate readings on what you may need in order to improve your SEO. Does this mean you’re getting a free audit? No. Audits require extensive and time consuming research in order to get things done the right way, and they will be the deciding factor that helps improve your search engine rankings. A free consultation is a basic overview (like a partial audit) in which the top SEO company will do so they can give you information on what they’ll have to audit, as well as cover the prices of each project, and answer any questions you may have. This is crucial also because it helps to develop a better understanding and business rapport with a company such as Golden Gate SEO. You want to be on the same page and understand everything that will be going on in order to get your company’s website to the number one spot on search engines.

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Questions to Ask during Consultation

As mentioned above, Golden Gate SEO offers free consultation. This is a very excellent opportunity to have your questions answered, things explained to you in a way you can understand them, and even for you to ask more questions. Just because you don’t know something, you want to ask questions about absolutely everything. Here are a few things that you may want to ask.

  • Can you tell me what things you are actually going to do, or your steps?
  • What will you actually be auditing?
  • Are you going to optimize just the landing page? Or the entire site?
  • Will you be providing articles that improve my keyword optimization?
  • How many backlinks do you think we’ll get?
  • How long are you intending to analyze and report everything?
  • How often can I get reports of what you’re doing?
  • What will you do to improve my website content?
  • How do you plan on optimizing my website content?
  • Will you be creating new landing pages for my site?
  • Do you practice white hat SEO strategies?
  • What is white hat SEO? (If they can’t answer this, don’t hire them by the way).
  • How are you going to build my backlinks?
  • Can I meet whoever’s going to be working on this? Sometimes, especially if you’re local, you can. Otherwise you may be able to do video or audio (Skype or telephone) calls.
  • What will you do with my information?
  • Do you work for anyone of my competitors?
  • What are some of your certifications and awards received?
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Make sure you ask those questions above, and you will get quality answers with companies like Golden Gate SEO. A good SEO company understands how your business needs to have a top quality website to increase your Google (and other search engine rankings), and how it can positively or negatively impact your business. By hiring the top SEO company in the USA, you can ultimately achieve a goal of success to increase your revenue and company values over time.