How to Select the Best Letterhead Design?

Letterheads are important for your business, just as important as a logo or an office. It is used for communication with your clients and fellow business partners along with your employees.

Choosing an appropriate letterhead design is something every new or revamping business needs, here are some tips to make your life easier when it comes to this particular matter of science

1 – Don’t Think You’re a Professional Designer!

It is perfectly understandable to try and design your own letterheads, especially if you are an emerging business. However, do not expect that yours, which you made as an amateur, will do a better job than the one made by professionals who know what they are doing.

There are many professional tools available these days for logo and letterhead, which anyone can use. Good luck to you if you think your creativity can help you more than professionals but it’s better to spend some money and get the services of those who do this for money.

2 – Used and Generic Templates will Harm You!

There are two ways you can choose a letterhead design, an original or ready-made templates. It is always better to go for a bespoken because they are not used before by anyone and you can incorporate themes of your company’s values and principles.

On the other hand if you think that will be too much money for your budget, you ought to use a template but please don’t go for a template as it is, someone else might have used that as well. Change it or have it changed, so that it is more your own and less of a knock off.

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3 – No Design is More Important than Content!

You can choose a fantastic one that is reflective of your principles and personal aesthetics and also beautiful in itself. But if you can’t put necessary information into the letterhead such as your company’s name and title, phone numbers and web addresses, because of that design, then it is useless.

If there is a watermark, make sure it doesn’t overshadow the words written on it. Your actual message is the letter, the design is there to enhance whatever your message says. If that is not visible, the letterhead is more a liability then.

4 – Letterhead Design is Part of Stationery.

The letterhead has to be compatible with other stationery, not just in terms of design but also size and paper quality. If your envelopes are not big enough to hold your letterhead then you failed in one of the two things. Also the quality of paper should be same i.e. very high when you are ordering stationery and choosing design. It is always better to have the same service for website, letterhead, logo and stationery design, so that no conflict arises.

5 – Haste is your Enemy!

If you didn’t have letterheads in time for an important meeting or dispatch, that’s too bad but don’t try to make its existence happen in extreme haste. It almost never goes well for anyone. Take the time necessary to choose a decent one preferably with the help of a professional service to make those designs in the quickest possible fashion.

If you are thinking of starting a business or you have just started, don’t assume that stationery design specially letterheads are not important, you would do well to have one at the same time as you get a logo or website.

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