How to create an effective video ad for every stage of the customer journey?

Ad creative is a key factor determining the effectiveness of a campaign. Howbeit, it had been pretty challenging to decipher what exactly makes an ad creative bad or good.

Based on a study conducted by Think with Google to learn how creative elements like visuals, audio, narrative structure, and characters impact the brand metrics, they have revealed some insights.

How to influence upper-funnel goals?  

The appearance of characters on screen and proper pacing are the two highly influential elements to lift in ad recall.

Video ads showing more than two scenes in the initial five seconds have a powerful effect on ad recall.

And as regards the characters, when your ad opens with a public figure on screen and has them mention your brand name, it makes the audience more likely to remember your advertisement.

You could either have the public figure directly address the audience or give a first-person perspective. Either way, it helps to boost ad recall.

Pro Tip: How to get emails for email marketing?  

If you are running an email marketing campaign but are not satisfied with the results you are getting, one of the possible reasons could be a poor email list.

Are you sure your email list is healthy? If not, it is time to consider rebuilding your list, and it will not take much time.

Use an email harvester AKA email lookup tool like to get emails of your prospects.

You may want to start with the freemium package or the tool’s chrome extension for LinkedIn and Gmail. Once you are confident that this tool is worth investing in, you may go for the paid version.

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It is also recommended to test other tools as well and decide by yourself what works best for you.

So, that was a tip you may require for successful email marketing results.

Now let us get back to creating a good ad creative for every stage of a customer journey.

How to influence mid-funnel goals?

Mid funnel is the stage of consideration, and the way you present your brand can have a massive impact.

You can use visual and audible cues while introducing your brand; this is expected to have a good impact on the audience’s mindset to consider a brand’s product.

It is also observed that video ads using colors associated with their brand or that using mascots has resulted in impressive results. These seem to have influenced the audience to consider their brand.

How to influence lower-funnel goals?

The lower funnel is where a brand requires to intrigue purchase intent in its audience.

How can you achieve this? What are the ways to entice the potential audience to take action?

It has been noted that, by including offers and calls in the ad creative, a brand can influence the prospects to take potential action.

And these calls to action or offers can be in the form of a voice-over, simple animation, or a text card.

Besides this, when a call to action is incorporated with a sense of urgency, it pushes the customers to take action.

Final thoughts  

As we discussed what works well to produce an effective ad creative, you might now have a great insight to work on your campaigns. But always remember, the best way to know something is to experiment for yourself.

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