Best Sweet Pies Around the World

Sweet pie is one of the most favorite desserts in most parts of the world. Almost every country has its own traditional pie, which is an integral part of a nation’s culture. Making pies is most often associated with a warm family atmosphere, and that is why pies are so popular. Pies are also an association with the holidays and the time we spend with our loved ones.

Sweet pies can be stuffed with various fruits, but also simply topped with sweet cream. What is characteristic of most pies are the crispy crusts that make pies such a specific dessert.

The most famous pie is American apple pie. However, what you may not know is that there are many other unusual pies from all parts of the world. Through this text, we will mention several pies that left the strongest impression on us.

You will see that the pie can look quite different than you can imagine. So keep reading and step into the world of the most beautiful sweet pies.

7 Most Beautiful Sweet Pies From Different Countries of the World

1. Saskatoon Berry Pie (Saskatoon, Canada)

Saskatoon Berry Pie

Saskatoon Berry Pie is a traditional Canadian pie, which is stuffed with Saskatoon berry filling (resembling blueberries). Even the ancient inhabitants of Canada once used Saskatoon berries in their diet (they grow and dry them for storage during the winter). The city of Saskatoon, located in Canada, is named after the Saskatoon berries. Saskatoon berries are protected by the “Slow Food” initiative.

Saskatoon berry pie is made from flour, butter, eggs, and Saskatoon berries. This pie is offered by many pastry shops in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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2. Banoffee Pie (Jevington, England)

Banoffee pie is one of the most famous pies originating from England. It is made of cream, banana, and caramel on top. The base of the pie can be made of crispy dough or ground biscuits. The name of the pie was created by combining the words “banana” and “toffee.” Banoffee pie has become very popular all over the world. For this reason, it can be found in most pastry shops around the world. If you want to try Banoffee pie, you should order it from the best online cake shop in Dubai.

3. Mummentaart (Luxembourg, Europe)

Mummentaart is a traditional apple pie originating from Luxembourg. The dough from which the pie is made consists of flour, butter, quark, salt, and water. The apples for the filling are finely chopped, then sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, and finally sprinkled with raisins. Mummentaart pie is served hot or cold, combined with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

4. Pardulas (Italy, Europe)

Pardulas are miniature pies, which traditionally originate from Italy (the island of Sardinia). The name of these pies depends on the area in which they are made. So, for example, in the southwest of Sardinia, they are called Pardulas. In contrast, in the vicinity of Nuoro (western Sardinia), they are called Casadinas. Pardulas are made from semolina, ricotta, lard, eggs, sugar, saffron, and grated lemon peel. The tradition of making Pardulas is mostly related to Easter. It is best to serve them warm, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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5. Haupia Pie (Hawaii, USA)

Haupia pie is originally from Hawaii. The pie consists of three layers: a crispy crust, a layer of haupia (coconut pudding in the form of jelly), and finally a thick layer of chocolate pudding. The pie is usually topped with whipped cream and can be found in almost all pastries in Hawaii (as a local dessert).

Sweet pies are one of the favorite desserts in the world

6. Karpouzopita (Greece, Europe)

Karpouzopita is a traditional pie that originates from the Greek island of Milos. It consists of watermelon, sugar, flour, cinnamon, thyme honey (a local product from the island of Milos), and olive oil. The pie’s name is derived from the Greek words “carpouzi,” which means watermelon, and “pita,” which means pie. Walnuts or raisins are added to Karpouzopita in some recipes.

7. Sugar Pie (Quebec, Canada)

Sugar pie is a very popular delicacy in many countries (Belgium, France, USA, and Quebec in Canada). The pie is made without the top, and the filling consists of a combination of sugar, cream, butter, maple syrup, and a little salt. The aroma of vanilla is usually added to the filling. There are variations in the sugar pie recipe. For example, the pie is made with more filling in Indiana than in other parts of the world. 

There are many sweet pies, but these 7 are definitely our favorites. For a more extensive list of sweet pies, see the following link:


Sweet pies are the best thing that humankind has invented when it comes to desserts. If you find yourself in a country that we mentioned in the text, do not miss the opportunity to try the traditionally made pie. You will enjoy it!

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