Discover the Creative Ideas to Give the Engagement Ring

Among the memorable moments of a woman is undoubtedly the one in which the man who loves finally decides to ask her the question that she has waited with emotion, sometimes for a long time ‘Will you marry me?’

The simple fact of hearing it is something wonderful, but if in addition to it, the man manages to give a touch of creativity, proposing it in a surprising and unexpected way, the moment turns out to be an unforgettable moment to cherish for the rest of life. Here are a few ideas to help you ask her hand in marriage

The Literary

If your girlfriend loves books, you can surprise her like this; buy a copy that you know she will like, cut out several sheets of the book to make a hollow in the form of a circle or the heart if you want to look more romantic, and inside you put the ring. In the previous sheet where the cut begins, you can write the question of if you will marry you. When she says yes, ask her to pass the sheet and then she will discover the engagement ring.

Written in the Sand

A statement on the beach is always romantic, but if you prepare the following in advance, it will turn out to be the unforgettable moment. You can ask for help writing the proposal on the beach and draw the hearts or whatever you think appropriate. Both the letters and the drawings must be large for the reason that the idea is that you look for a more or less solitary beach that can be seen from a rock. You take your girlfriend to the heights and you show her the surprise and she will be fascinated by this statement.

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The Magic Thread

Invite her to your house to watch a movie or with some common reason, so she does not suspect anything. When she arrives, receive her with a romantic atmosphere i.e. put some candles, rose petals, incense, whatever you think or know that she likes. With signs, guide her to the end of a strategically placed yarn and tell her to take it and follow it. While she is going on the route for the place that goes by, you place more posters with phrases that you want to say. At the end of the thread, you must tie a sign where you ask for marriage and keep it in a drawer. In order for her to access it, she must pull it out. At that moment, she will discover the proposal full of emotion. When she says ‘Yes’, it will be the ideal time to place an oval blue sapphire ring as the engagement ring on her finger. You can do it in private or invite friends and family to receive her with you and witness that special moment.