Game-Changing Details to Work Thoughtfully Into a Fashion Auction

In today’s ferociously competitive business scene, it is essential for retailers of any establishment that sells products to come up with new ways to connect with potential buyers. For instance, in a lot of high-end shopping malls, there are unique events designed to cater to top-tier customers specifically. One such event is an exclusive fashion auction.

Through such an event, exclusive designer items are showcased to an audience that’s not only eager to buy but likewise wants to secure the prestige of getting rare items at the highest value. This fashion auction demands meticulous planning. Therefore, it’s crucial to work with auction specialists that are skilled, trained, and have a wealth of experiences.

And speaking of meticulous planning, this includes close attention to detail. For a high-end fashion auction, shared below are eight details known to create a huge impact.

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1. Bidding Tips

It helps to provide your audience with bidding tips, especially those who have just recently been included in the list. You must never assume that everybody on your guest list has been to a similar event before.

If you are working with an auction company for the event, you can leverage their experience to come up with the most useful tips to share with the new people on your invite list. With these tips, everybody, particularly the auction newbies, can easily feel included.

2. Auction Magazine

Consider providing the people on your guest list with a magazine about the event. This reading material can serve as a catalog of some of the items to be auctioned off. At the same time, it can provide information about the designers behind the luxury products and raise interest in the items.

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And, if the auction also intends to generate funds to support charitable organizations, the magazine can list these organizations and feature their backstory. With this, you can serve the dynamic goals of the event much better.

3. Quirky Pieces

One of the best performing products in fashion auctions are designer handbags. Auction sites these days include quirky versions of these designer pieces from the personal collections of stylists and celebrities.

This idea stems from stories similar to what was shared when Harper’s Bazaar featured Asian style icons because of the film “Crazy Rich Asians.” One of the young icons painted on her croc skin Birkin bag because of an irreparable accident. Now, she paints on other designer handbags and has a growing clientele of stylists, influencers, and celebrities.

It’s nice to include such pieces that a growing number of people think indicate elevated luxury.

4. Event Atmosphere

Ambiance is a vital aspect of any event. And for a fashion auction, it is one of the influencing factors behind the eagerness of the audience to engage in the main activity.

Creating the right ambiance for a fashion auction can be a bit tricky. You have to take into consideration the social status of the audience. At the same time, you also want to make the event stand out and leave a good solid impression on everyone.

For this, work with an event or party planner. Such a professional can assess everything — from the kind of decor to use, music to play, and food to prepare. Not only that, you can trust this person to add in a few other details to make the event thoroughly enjoyable for everyone.

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5. Sound System

A fashion auction needs to have a topnotch sound system in place. At an event where there would be a lot of listening involved, it’s a must to have an audio system to amplify the voice of the auctioneer and make communication clear.

In addition to that, the sound system is needed to create the right atmosphere for the auction. You may want to play some music or have a live band over.

6. Security

Make sure to have security personnel in place. Keeping the event private and protected is always a priority. This will not only make the auction feel more exclusive, but it will also provide everybody the peace of mind that their participation in the event will not compromise their safety.

It’s the security team’s job to monitor the different goings-on in the event, keep unwanted people out, prevent unruly behavior, and keep high-value items secure. You need to hire the best security people if you want the most professional execution of the event.

For truly exclusive auctions with product values reaching millions, it may help to hire both body language experts and industry insiders who can conduct a background check on people included in the guest list. These people can contribute significantly to the flow of the event by putting a halt to tendencies (such as drinking too much) of certain guests that can disrupt the positive atmosphere, and look into other suspicious behavior.

7. Artistry

Remember, fashion is art, so a fashion auction should be an artistic affair. Think of ways to make the event a truly sensory experience. Come up with ways to make the venue look classy and stylish.

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Additionally, plan creative ways of presentation to get everybody more engaged and further highlight the value of the biddable items. Auction companies typically hire people who specialize in exhibiting products beautifully and strategically.

8. Event Souvenirs

The best fashion auctions do not allow guests to leave empty-handed. It’s a must to make sure that to the last moment, you make an effort to be memorable. So, provide your guests with a token of appreciation or a gift to go.

For example, if the fashion auction is not only meant to raise sales but also generate funds for charities supporting women’s livelihood, you can give guests a grab bag of products from the livelihood program. This is a great way to remind people of the social impact the business wishes to make and how the guests’ participation is appreciated.

Quite often, it’s the seemingly trivial things that count a lot. The details shared here are sometimes treated as secondary concerns in important events, but these are the backbone supporting the main activity. Plan all these out well and ensure the success of your fashion auction.

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Darran Brown is the CEO and Founder of Go Charity. A graduate of UMASS Amherst, Darran has spent the last 20 years managing auctions across the United States. Having run some of the most successful live and silent auctions in the US, Darran has the insider know-how to every aspect of the industry. From memorabilia to trips and experience hospitality to fundraising 101, Darran is the leading expert on auction management and fundraising success.