Teenagers, Fashion Trends & Advantages of Fashion

Fashion can be many things, it depends who thinks about it. For many teenagers, it is very important, it marks their lives and it becomes an obsession. For others, it is just something they do not pay much attention to. Exactly the same as the rest of the people, some follow fashion with great interest and even devotion and others do not know what it takes.

From this different way of seeing fashion also arises the huge divergence that makes some see this form of expression as culture and others do not give the slightest importance.

But regardless of what everyone thinks about it, fashion does have a strong presence in the families where there are teenagers, or at least in many of them. This importance is given because it often becomes one of the main sources of conflicts between parents and children.

If the way of dressing causes problems, so does spending. The obsession with certain brands, the extreme desire to wear the same as others wear or the lack of any critical thinking when some teenagers have to choose the clothes they are going to buy can be equally a source of problems.

To avoid these problems, it is important for parents and teenagers to be aware of the fact if they want it or not, since fashion is part of life of a large part of adolescents. And not only that, in most cases, fashion is a very effective form of communication and development and it is also a way to show rebelliousness.

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It strengthens the identity.

As a form of expression when adolescents have the possibility to choose how they want to go regarding dresses and hairstyles, fashion helps them to define their identity. And this is an important question because adolescence is the moment when that personality trait begins to be transcendental.

It gives us information about them.

Many teenagers follow celebrities when it comes to dressing or combing i.e. singers, actors or actresses, models or simply famous ones. Others follow the fashions of some of the urban subculture groups. In any case, that is giving the parents information about their children, about what or whom they admire and about what their interests are. Finding information about it can help parents better understand the teens.

It helps them to keep a group.

Adolescence is also the time when boys and girls seek socialization outside the family. At that moment, it is very important for them to belong to a group and fashion helps them to show that they are a part of one or the other youth group or movement.

It helps in exploring creativity.

Also in adolescence when abstract thinking begins to have importance in their minds, exploring one’s creativity is important for adolescents and fashion is one formula to do it.


With a changing body due to puberty, fashion allows young people to know their body better, to know what they feel good or bad, what is going with them, both from the point of view of their physique and character.