Top 7 French Fashion Houses & Designers of All Time

1 – Coco Chanel

It is the undisputed number one for what it supposed at the time and for the capacity of the firm that bears its name to adapt to the times. Coco Chanel was a genius who freed women’s fashion with sober suits, jackets, essential accessories such as handbag chain or bicolor shoes in tone.

2 – Christian Dior

He founded his own fashion house in 1946. Christian Dior was alone in front of his firm for 10 years, but in that short space of time, he made history with structured forms of the new look. He took care of all the details and ordered the shoes to Roger Vivier, the same one that slipped to Isabell II in her coronation.

3 – Paul Poiret

The French owe nothing less than to have removed the corsets, whales and wires from the women’s wardrobe. Paul Poiret prevailed in the early twentieth century with his designs along the lines of kimonos or sack dresses. Today, thanks to period films, like The Great Gatsby, his style is highly topical.

4 – Elsa Schiaparelli

She was an authentic artist who collaborated with painters and creators of renown, especially the surrealist school. Respected and admired by her colleagues, her models raged in the inter-war era and that Elsa Schiaparelli made her first steps into the world of art and poetry. She was born in Italy, but her entire career was developed in Paris.

5 – Yves Saint Laurent

He took the reins of the house Dior after the death of its creator, being only a boy. The refined style of Yves Saint Laurent was all the rage in the late eighties with his female proposals and male models as the tuxedo or suit.

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6 – Hubert de Givenchy

Known, above all, for the dresses for Audrey Hepburn, this aristocratic couturier took the minimalist elegance to dress. He liked the black color and the dresses that exposed part of the shoulders and the back.

7 – Louis Vuitton

Today, Vuitton presents all kinds of fashion, from couture gowns, jewelry, accessories, shoes and handbags, the firm began as shop for bags. Created by Louis Vuitton, the logo has become synonymous with luxury and quality.

8 – René Lacoste

He was a tennis player, twice world number 1, and started as the fashion designer almost out of necessity. The clothes or the sports shoes then had nothing to do with the modern standards. Today the firm Lacoste makes menswear, children, women, shoes, accessories, handbags, sunglasses and jewelry.