Points To Consider When You Sublease Office Space

The sublease office space is turning out to be one of the main forms of office space available. Therefore, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the subleasing office space to see if it makes sense for your business or not.

An advantage to sublease office space is a low rental rate. The majority of the sub-landlords have another business besides the real estate and are interested in minimizing the expense of their lease. This allows businesses to sublease office space for less money than if they were renting the space directly from a building owner. In case a sublease is for less than five years, then the rents have a heavy discount. The subleasing also offers the advantage of renting out the space in a building that the business could not normally afford. You may even be able to find a sublease that includes furniture and equipment already in the office space like a service office.

Yet another advantage of the sublease office space is the fact that you can often use the space on immediate basis. This saves the business time and money that they would normally have to use to design and construct their new office space.

One of the biggest disadvantages to subleasing an office space is the fact that if a sub-landlord defaults on the lease, then the business that is subleasing the office space also loses their right to occupy the space. Some building owners even view sub-landlord as having bad finances.

When the subleasing office space, a building owner will often not offer non-disturbance agreements. These are often vital for the tenants for the reason that they state that if a landlord defaults, the lender will continue to recognize the lease with the tenants. In addition, the sublease offers very little flexibility with terms. The sub-landlords can only offer the rights that they themselves have on the lease. Therefore, this limits the term of the lease a business can sign.

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If you are not interested in having the option of subleasing office space, you can have the option of serviced offices, which is another popular way of running the business. In case of a serviced office, you do not need to do anything at all literally to build and decorate the office, as it is already in ready to use conduction.