Different Styles for a Home Office

Having a study, office, workplace or home office is very important, especially nowadays when it is increasingly common to find people who work from home, or at least perform part of their work from home. The decoration of a home office should be pleasant and facilitate concentration.

In this article, I will show you a few different styles for a home office. Choose the one that best suits your tastes and give a new look to your work place at home.


Lovers of the Nordic style will find it a great support. Straight lines with white furniture and the wooden floor to bring warmth. Although in the Nordic style, the colors are added with the textile, it is also possible to do it through indoor plants. In addition, you can opt for black as a contrast, something that frankly gives a much more relaxed feeling to the whole area.


To achieve a work space with a rustic style, the ideal is to bet on natural materials. The wood should not be missing which makes it very charming. You simply have a simple but soulful table with a wooden plank and two trestles with sparse decoration of the natural fibers to make the rustic environment. It is definitely a place to have good ideas and spend time.


It is fashionable with a wide palette of colors and one that feels devotion for the browns and reds. Variety in textiles, as far as textures and prints are concerned and natural materials such as wood or wicker. You can also add elements of other cultures or objects of your distant trips to make it much better.

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Vintage and Industrial

Very similar to the rustic as far as materials are concerned, and is that the studies are inclined to the use of wood. A wooden plank could be used, but this time it is a table made with two trestles and an OSB panel. However, the most interesting part is achieved with the small retro details. The aged metal chair gives an extremely vintage and industrial touch at the same time. The same thing happens with the hanging lamp.


We are all not rustic, Nordic or vintage. There are people with much more modern and practical tastes. A minimalist office is ideal for those types of people who do not want to be distracted by the decoration. We can make a home office for two, ideal for couples doing the same work from home. A good set of indirect lights and a chair complete the atmosphere, which for many may be lacking in warmth, for others will be the best of places for full concentration.