Way to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors

Before discussing which kind of vacuum is best vacuum for hardwood floors, it is necessary for you to know the features of the hardwood floors. As you may have found, the hardwood floor is easier to be dirtied, especially by some soli particles which can lead to scratch on the floor. In addition, the hardwood floor is very sensitive to water or wet, you have to keep this in mind, or your floor will mildew if it is affected by damp. Due to these reasons, choosing a best vacuum for hardwood floors becomes very important.


Since the hardwood is not as solid as stone, the weight of the vacuum used for hardwood floors need to be limited. You can find some vacuum cleaners whose weight is less than 8 pounds in the market, it is suitable for cleaning the hardwood floors.

Function of Drying Hardwood Floor

Some dirt will be more stubborn after it dry, so many housewives like to spray some cleanser on the floor first. Well, that is a good ideal, however, if the floor wetted by cleanser can’t dry immediately, it may mildew. The vacuum with function of drying hardwood floor can solve this problem. It can dry the floor while it filter and clean the dirt. It is the key point to choose a best vacuum for hardwood floor. Fortunately, more and more vacuums have been produced with this function, like the Bissell upright wet/dry machine and some series of Electrolux vacuum cleaners.


For this kind of vacuum, it can change the water into steam while it is working. So it can wet the hardwood floor first to dissolve the blot, since the time is very short and the temperature of the steam is under the range which hardwood floor can bear, it will not damage the floor. What’s more, if you use this vacuum, you don’t need to spray cleanser which is harmful to health as a result of the chemical reagent. A vacuum that can create steam is not only beneficial to the hardwood floor, but also friendly to the environment.

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Rotatable Head

To clean all the corner of the floor, it is better to choose a vacuum with rotatable head, especially for the room where there is furniture in abundance such as the kitchen. Also, this kind of vacuum is labor-saving because you don’t need to change the direction frequently. We hope this information can help you to find the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.