How Apps Like Happify Help You Improve Your Mental Health

To live happily might be harder than it seems. In the world full of stresses we need some pillars to lean on. So, why not apply for self-care apps to strengthen our mental health?

In fact, the popularity of happiness tracking services like Happify is actually attributable to a couple of reasons:

  • Accessibility. Happiness platforms could be resorted to anywhere and anytime. Users can take advantage of even one spare minute to enjoy the features mental health applications offer.
  • Online addiction for the greater good. Let’s face it – our whole life is in smartphones, and we would hardly spend one day without that device. Thus, it’s literally in our hands to turn it into a useful gadget to strengthen our emotional well-being.
  • Easy actions to feel better. Calm, Pacifica, Insight Timer, and other happiness planner online solutions ask people to perform simple tasks to get over depressive and anxious states.
  • Reasonable cost. Compared to expert shrinks who charge a lot, happy mobile apps are much more affordable. Furthermore, machine chatbots will never judge you, like some people might do, even professionals.

Happify founders believe that happiness is rooted in our thoughts. Moreover, they claim negative perception results from stereotypical habits and old behavioral patterns. Meaning, to be happy a person shall pay more attention to bright spots of life, and Happify promises to help its audience learn how to adopt such an attitude.

Happiness planner solutions can actually help people feel greater, so let’s explore what they do.

Happify key benefits

  • Game format. Users will enjoy the training approach with multiple games. Happify won’t let you get bored. Every activity is like a mini-game, thus, fun and excitement are guaranteed.
  • Science-based method. Happify founders wanted to create a successful app, thus, they hired psychiatrists specializing in cognitive and behavioral psychotherapeutic areas.
  • Content diversification. The given happy life online resource grants multiple instruments for monitoring negative feelings to substitute them for positive ones.
  • Multi-language support. Today, the program operates in 8 different languages, and that number keeps increasing.
  • Friendly environment for communication. The service’s community supports the audience providing people with a comfortable climate and the possibility to socialize with like-minded persons.
  • Top-notch design. It’s intuitive, user-oriented, and appealing, so why wouldn’t Happify be so popular?
  • Easy emotions’ tracking. Diverse visualization tools, like, diagrams and charts, help observe progress and follow up on emotions.
  • Customized approach. When the audience just starts using Happify, they are being asked multiple questions to learn as many details as possible. Such operation helps to see users’ real issues to provide them with a working tool to fix them.
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The Happify segmentation

The platform applies individual approaches to each and every user. Such a concept is the key to provide individualized deals. Let’s see what exactly that segmentation is all about.

  • Personal use. Every individual is free to upload the application and take steps to get happier, applying it.
  • Business use. Happify is widely implemented by corporations realizing that stressful situations impact the working capacities of their employees. This happiness tracking solution serves to better business productivity as well.
  • Pharma use. It’s not about self-medicating. In case users turn to have severe issues as to their mental health, the program shall figure this out and recommend people to see the doctor. Additionally, Happify’s collaboration with drug companies ensures more effective treatment.

Features a happiness app shall have

We decided to distinguish the key functionalities every self-care service should offer.

  • Registry. The audience would appreciate having multiple options to get registered, and signing up through various social networks shall be one of them.
  • Users’ accounts. Typically, profiles involve personal details, info on points received, and various posts that were published earlier.
  • Tracks. There could be multiple full-grade programs, so-called tracks, to tackle diverse issues, like, negative thoughts, stresses, and the like. Every track is aimed to help users become happier by carrying out particular tasks. Some of those programs imply fees.
  • Personal Achievements. When people complete certain exercises, they gain points reflecting the progress they make. It’s essential to track changes to see how users are doing.
  • Different activities. Happiness planner platforms shall provide lots of different practices, say, games, simple challenges, meditations, etc. They all shall serve to make the audience feel better. People put certain efforts to think positively, so the fun game format supports them on the way.
  • Daily News. A happy mobile application could have its blog, containing short posts (articles or videos) on how to stay positive, what to do to control emotions, how to find motivations, etc. There could be statistical data or research results, some pieces of advice. The filtering feature will make it possible to choose specific topics of interest.
  • Community. Some people would love to place posts sharing their challenges and achievements with other users who could find such insights interesting and useful. When making those posts public, the audience would have a chance to put likes and comment on them.
  • Notification system. When individuals agree to get reminders, app owners could notify them on tasks to perform, or information on new activities and practices available. That could be a great self-promotion tool.
  • Setting options. Customers would enjoy the possibility to configure settings the way they prefer. It’s important to be able to change passwords and email addresses, adjust security settings, pick another language, etc.
  • Feedback and Support. Those are the means to enhance users’ experience. People might face certain issues, including, technical ones while using a happy life app, thus, they need some channels to communicate with the support team to get assistance.
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What to consider while designing a happiness tracking service

You might think of creating a happiness platform similar to Happify. If so, proper preparation shall help you succeed. Just bear in mind the most significant points listed below.

#1. Get real professionals. You better cooperate with experts in mental health issues and psychology. Happify creators hired multiple skilled psychiatrists, psychology profs, qualified well-being coaches, etc. What’s more, specialized Happify Labs were built dedicated to performing researches.

#2. Secure data. As always, users’ private details must be protected adequately. Such data is extremely delicate. So, make sure your audience can trust you with their personal info.

#3. Provide decent content. It must be fun, entertaining, and working. Having a useful mental health application shall help you save on ads and promotion campaigns, since your solution will differ from similar online resources, and your happy users will recommend it to their friends and relatives.

#4. Keep the design minimal. It shall not irritate or distract the audience. The mind peace could be disrupted even with the overwhelming interface.

#5. Think through app easy onboarding. Why not introduce all service’s features right away, so people know what they can enjoy?

#6. Implement gamification elements. Confront boredom as your greatest enemy. Fun and the exciting environment will strengthen users’ wellness. Otherwise, if getting tired or bored, people will simply leave for good.

#7. Apply Artificial Intelligence tools. You could create some characters to guide and support your audience, and those personages could be bots.

Well, now you know what happiness programs do, and how such emotion tracking services help their users live happier.

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