6 Best Brands for Walking Shoes

If you do not want to get into a lot of trouble and you are looking for some walking shoes that you can then redeem in your day to day activities, consider the following brands for walking shoes;

1 – Reebok

One of the oldest shoes in the world is Reebok, then, they were not called with this name. The new fashion models, and not those that are designed for specific sports, are perfect for walking and for day to day activities. They have an air of retro that match perfectly with jeans.

2 – Karhu

The same goes for the Karhu, especially those that carry fulcrum technology, a special air chamber that dampens the footprint. Its latest designs are very minimalist and elegant. That is why they will serve you to continue the day for all day and not just as walking shoes.

3 – Puma

Almost all models of Puma, that do not carry tacos or that are for specific sports, also serve as great walking shoes. Look for those that are made of flexible fabric, as if they were made with crochet, since they are the most flexible and that the soles have air chamber. You may not consider those made in leather. They are more elegant, but they adapt worse to the structure of the foot.

4 – Adidas

The same happens with the firm Adidas. You can take advantage of fitness designs such as walking shoes and remember that designs for cycling, tennis or other sports are less appropriate. You are supposed to make sure that the floor is made of non-slip rubber and has air chamber to cushion and is not too heavy. It is also better to choose, as a general rule, the models to the ankle.

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5 – Nike Flyknit

And, finally, if you think that the walks are going to be the prelude to the launch for you into the race, it is better that you make the expense from the beginning. In this case, I have to recommend the Nike Flyknit that are special for running and, therefore, are perfect as walking shoes. They are expensive, so you only have to choose this option if you think that in a few months, you will have the strength to take the next step of running.


It is also the great one among the collection of walking shoes. ASICS GEL-Foundation workplace walking shoe are available for men and women.